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[Incomplete] Eversor Temple Assassin

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Re: [Incomplete] Eversor Temple Assassin

Post by Mortis on Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:55 pm

Well, youforget possible hp regen to counter the drain on his life too from items, like holosuit.

Secondly, if the bonuses are what are making him so op, then reduce them by 25% at a time until the numbers work out. If they eventually dont work out, or are too weak, readjust.

While i like most of the abilities on this guy, i agree with glyc, it needs to be seriously toned down. While this isnt quite on the same level as Typhos op, hes still way to strong. If there was a slow/cripple item orb affect, this guy would rape heros so very fast....
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Re: [Incomplete] Eversor Temple Assassin

Post by Grass Hopper on Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:04 am

gly, your math is wrong in a few spots*, and i wish you wouldnt calculate items into your math when doing this, cause some of those values are very exagurated Razz (wish i could spell)

but your point does stand.
the bonuses from the innate are too much, considering everything builds off of that.
all that realistically needs to be done is a toning down of the innate

*most notably, base attack time is 1.7, max ias is 400%, and the formula is (BAT) / (1 + IAS*0.01)

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