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Current Version: v0.0.01A

Alpha version

Changelogs to come


Changes to the way I release versions? (read the thread)

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Version Progress
Changes for v0.02.0A
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Recent changes, notes, and miscellany.

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Recent changes, notes, and miscellany.

Post by Glycine on Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:31 am

List of changes:

January 22

The forum, if you've noticed, is currently in the process of being cleaned, spellchecked, and organized. Every so often, I'll post the particular log of changes, although Grass is liable to change back things as he wishes. If you have any suggestions for the forum in any way, don't hesitate to post your comments in the comments/concerns forum. Thanks!

  • Created a storage subforum for all completed dev. tasks that can be easily transferred to the archives.
  • Moved completed topics to said subforum.
  • Minor grammar and spelling edits.
  • Opened up the Balance Discussions forum to the public.

February 18

  • Changelogs are now visible in the forum's header.
  • Version 0.45 has been released.
  • Major balances and fixes are in the works for heroes in 0.46.
  • The Black Library is available as a resource to create your own heroes from scratch.
  • Hero voting on Complete Heroes has begun for the next version.

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