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Announcement related to hero creation!

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Announcement related to hero creation!

Post by Glycine on Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:20 pm

If anyone has a hero in the hero suggestions forum that needs to be moved to incomplete or complete, please notify me.

Also, if anyone is currently working on a hero that isn't in complete heroes yet, please post the name of that hero in this topic so we can get a sense of how many heroes are being actively made.

The last thing I have to bring to note is a new concept. Normally the mods are active enough to respond to your changes and edits for any hero or item, but may I ask the original poster of the idea to send a message to one of the mods if he or she believes the idea is complete enough? The rationale behind this is that it'll give the moderators some focus to look at things so that we're better able to process the information that's currently active.

Thank you!

As for me, I'm working on Vulkan He'stan now.
edit: I'm just going to add this here: If your working on a hero, please put it in your signature. It makes it easier for people to get a general idea of what heroes are in the works.

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