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Ban some heros... At least for now

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Ban some heros... At least for now

Post by Mortis on Fri May 14, 2010 1:26 am

Allright, i played a game with glyc last night, and i more or less came to grips with the fact that some heros are just op. In a well balanced clan game, they can function, barely, but thats rare. I propose that at least for now, we ban some heros and items for various reasons to ensure a good time can be had while playing the wonderful map of which we all are a part.

Definate Bans

Lord of Change: Freakish long disables... Any new player can take and completely dominate with. Basically impossible to win against once hes past level 11
Zoanthrope: Creates lag. Late game, ult can kill all enemy team and all of their maxed out creeps in one sweep
Commisar: OP pusher to the extreme
Typhus: His innate is broken
Blink item: OP OP OP. I watched a good player jump out of the way of every single spell cast for the entire end of a game. Consistently and rapidly

Possible Bans
Captain of the Watch: His summons are op to the extreme
Ahriman: Scaling successively, damage output out the wazoo, Ability reset
Tomb Spyder: Necrons stick around forever, and have fort armor, With a summoner they can reach clinically high levels of creeps
Avatar of Khaine: Ult mostly on this one, does massive dps in large creepwaves, coupled with his other aoes, means total rapage
Thunder Hammer: 350 damage Aoe,s Stun, and a slow? On a 20% chance i believe?
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Re: Ban some heros... At least for now

Post by Glycine on Fri May 14, 2010 1:58 am

Besides the fact it would be nice to ban heroes, most of these problems should be fixed in .46. And if they aren't, this thread is a nice place to highlight some of the imbalances that occur in the future.

As for the above list... It's impossible to ban all these heroes in an average game. If the whole room picks them, you can't very well kick them all. That's why it's better, sometimes, to limit the bans to a few heroes such that game play isn't disrupted.

And I'll show you why right now.

Cato: OP summons, pusher
Librarian: Stunwhore out the roof, potent DPS
Chaplain: Imba slow, ms buff, and damage gain upon life lost
Sigismund: Armor aura is brutal, ult has a huge range and is generally evil for anything not with a strength attribute. Will guarantee you a kill if you have an allied hero nearby.
Stern: Mana drain aura is OP, so much health, ult demolishes casters
Celestine: Go 600 damage on strike end-game, doesn't ever die
Vindicare: Permastun, huge damage
Rakel: Lightning Spam is too powerful, Strip Soul is as well, refreshing of spells makes her very hard to solo from a distance
Commie: No comment.

Farseer: Mind War does too much damage, Eldritch Storm too many hits, support skills are too good
Autarch: Murders you early-game with his jump
Avatar: Tanks off everything and kills it with AoE spells
Lileath: evades everything, harasses too well
Asurmen: Bladestorm is way too good, vambraces make him farm too well
Fuegan: Tanks even better than Avatar and doesn't die except on a 4-5 on 1
Karandras: Highest damage potential in the game, don't see him until it's too late

Pathfinder: Range and cooldown on skills are too short, railgun spam, kills buildings too well
Aun'va: Honor Guard kill everything, Pacify kills enemy gankers, Clone doubles his damage capabilities

I could go on, but I think that's enough to make my point. Every single hero in the map is OP when given the right circumstances, and while some are moreso than others, that's just because of individual matchups.

To beat Lord of Change, you have to gank him from the blind side repeatedly, preferably with mana burning items or stuns and it needs to be a team effort from all directions such that he can't ult you all and run. Vindi and Path do well against him as long as they harass constantly and have gank support to catch LoC off guard. Invisibility goes a long way, along with ranged nukes. If you can force him into close combat, like Sigi or Cato's summons, you'll reduce his effectiveness considerably.

Each character not only has another character that will stonewall it completely, but a set of different weaknesses that relate to different tactics. If you optimize your battle plan in your head as the game plays and analyze what your team needs to do if LoC is pushing, or if pathfinder are going bottom, it's not hard to beat any hero.

People need to learn to stop hitting their head against a wall that's not going to break and instead plant some explosives. >> This wonderful game of ours is not one that allows you to sit in your lane for 40 minutes of the game and expect everything to go swimmingly as you fight and capture outposts. It's a dynamic, flowing stream that goes every which way, depending on the conditions. And most of all, it's a team game.

PS: I was frankly very surprised how I was able to take a nap at bottom with Lord of Change that game and NO ONE came around my backside to even think of hitting me, not even once. I farmed like 12-14k that game, simply because there was no gank or defense. And while the ult is indeed unbalanced, that doesn't explain the lack of any coordinated strategy to seemingly try and stop me instead of rushing into my line of sight, where I could stun you over and over. Flayed One wasn't going to do anything. And Bloodthirster was occupied with trying to get mid for 15-20 minutes of that game. So what's the explanation?

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Re: Ban some heros... At least for now

Post by ZebioLizard on Fri May 14, 2010 6:20 am

You know it might be worthwhile to add a -Ban hero mode, kinda like anime fight for what people deem to be banworthy of the host itself.

Also, typhus' innate is prolly the ONLY good thing about him right now, everything is just weak and lacklustered that his only good skill is manreaper.. (Give his damn feel no pain a friggen damage reduction at least!)
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Re: Ban some heros... At least for now

Post by Grass Hopper on Fri May 14, 2010 10:25 pm

most of the issues are being adressed with the new patch (cept loc... but that can be changed)

and it might be worthwhile to do a banning mode in the future

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Re: Ban some heros... At least for now

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