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Racial Traits

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Racial Traits

Post by Grass Hopper on Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:29 pm

Racial Traits
Space Marines: And They Shall Know no FearThe duration of all crowd control effects are reduced by 25%.

Inquisition: Inquisitorial RemitAll allied heroes receive 15% more requisition.If multiple Inquisition heroes are selected, stacks multiplicatively.

Imperial Guard: Regimental ReinforcementsWhenever a point of interest is captured by this hero or its allies, 5 Imperial Guardsmen and (hp regen / mana items) spawn at that point.

Ecclesiarchy: Battle HymnsAll nearby allies gain 10% of this hero's armor and resistance.
range: 8

Mechanicus: Battlefield RepairsAll nearby mechanical units and buildings receive +10 regeneration.
Range: 6

Craftworld Eldar: Battle FocusGains +10% movement speed on attack or +20% movement speed after using an ability. Lasts 2 seconds.

Tau: Supporting FireGains 5% bonus physical and ability power per nearby hero. Nearby allied heroes gain half this bonus.
range: 8


Chaos Space Marines: Champion of ChaosGains +1 to a random stat whenever this hero kills another hero and +0.2 to random stat off assists.

Chaos Daemons:Essence of the WarpThis hero's health and mana pools are linked, meaning whenever this hero gains or loses Hp or Mana, half of that change is instead changed in the other attribute. If it has no mana to use to take damage, it takes full damage. 

Orks: Power of Da WAAAGH!gains 1% movement speed and 3% attack speed for each nearby allied unit

Necrons: Renimation ProtocolsWhenever this Necron hero dies, it has a 30% chance to revive after 5 seconds.
While successfully reviving, this hero has a movespeed of .2

C'tan: NecrodermisRegenerates .25% of its max life every second. Upon death, all enemy units within 8 range take damage equal to 20% of the C'tan's max life after 2 seconds, and are knocked back.

Tyranids: Shadow in the WarpNearby enemies lose 15% of their mana regen, and whenever they use use an ability, they lose mana equal to 20% of that ability's manacost
range: 8

Dark Eldar: Power from PainWhenever this hero kills an enemy unit, it heals for 5% of its max hp over 2 seconds.

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Re: Racial Traits

Post by DeusMechanicus on Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:11 pm

Inquisition: Inquisitorial Mandate? No idea what it'd do, but it's a book of punishments for those who fail in their duty to the God-Emperor.

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