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[eldar] Karandras, Shadow Hunter

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[eldar] Karandras, Shadow Hunter

Post by Grass Hopper on Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:05 am

Karandras, Shadow Hunter

toughness: 5
initiative: 6
intellect: 4

armor: 8 + 1/lvl
movespeed: 2.45

physical power: 35 + 3.6/lvl
ability power: 0 + .5/lvl

Factional skill: eternal warrior
When killed, this hero may revive where it was slain instead of respawning at the base.
The hero will regenerate to full health over the normal respawn time, and any allied creeps entering within 1.5 range lose 10% of their current hp and this hero will regain that much.
When the hero reaches full life it will re spawn at its location.

Innate: hunter from the shadows
When not seen by any enemy units Karandras gains x/x/x... ms and x/x/x... regen

One: scorpions bite
target takes x/x/x... damage and is slowed by x% for x seconds

Two: stalker
Karandras' first x/x/... attacks gains +x damage. The damage is reapplied after gaining the effects of Hunter From the Shadows.

Three: monster hunter
When attacking a hero with more toughness, Karandras gains x/x/x...% of the difference in his and his targets toughness in initiative, and his attacks against that target deal a percent of its current hp equal to the difference between Karandras and his targets initiative

Ult: ambush of blades
Karandras becomes invisible for x/x/x seconds. Actions while invisible will only reveal Karandras for 2/1.5/1 seconds

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