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Post by Grass Hopper Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:22 pm

i just realised today that the new patch was released, so from this point on, me and dark wanderer will be working on making the map compatible with the new version... it might take a few days, so please bear with me

EDIT1: ive removed all instances of the *real* return bug from the map, but had to disable several key functions relating to hero selection, and some utility functions... it will take me a while to replace these with non-bugged functions

EDIT2: it turns out that blizzard fucked up the patch, and a bunch of my code is getting tagged as using the return bug when it really doesnt, so now i need to sift through my code for whats causing it

EDIT3: i've generally isolated what part of the code is causing the fake return bug... but its somewhere in the triggers for the hero spells... so ill slowly go through them and find out whats causing it... i still need to start replacing the other functions that use the actual return bug

EDIT4: ive narrowed it down to 6 triggers that dont work, for some unknown reason, i know its not the 'fake' return bug, because i dont use returns other than for conditions and filters, and ive also put one of the triggers into a vanilla WE map, and it loaded fine...

way late, but ive fixed and released the map for 1.24, it also works on 1.24b

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