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[hero] General Lukas Alexander

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[hero] General Lukas Alexander Empty Re: [hero] General Lukas Alexander

Post by DeusMechanicus on Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:02 am

Well, he still has 2 ... well, 2.5 Summons (IG always travel in packs)... But I think it's somewhat better than my previous incarnation. Let me know what you think. He's really a support hero (I have a penchant for stating the obvious).

General Lukas Alexander

Skill 1: Optical Implant [Innate]
Lukas lost his left eye in battle against an Ork Waaagh! years earlier. The Mechanicum provided him with a new, and in their words 'improved', replacement.
(True Sight, short range)

Skill 2: 1st Company [Summon]
The 1st Company of the 1st Kronus Regiment, aka The Liberators, is Lukas' personal, elite infantry force. Willing to fight and die for the Imperium and their General.
(Summon unit(s). If IG unit is near Lukas and Lukas is damaged, transfer % dmg to IG, % increase each LvL. Maybe different units summoned randomly, or with increased levels. Riflemen, Snipers, Ogryn?)

Skill 3: Bring The Rain [Summon/Cast]
The 2nd Company of the 1st Kronus Regiment, lead by the celebrated Captain Vash, fields several Basilisk artillery pieces, and their Earthshaker Cannons have been the doom of many of the Regiment's foes. Firing shells specially constructed on a Forgeworld by the Mechanicum there is little that can withstand a direct hit from these mighty weapons.
(Summons an IG Spotter. Can cast the actual ability (short range) to call down the artillery strike, is destroyed in the process. Fast, medium armor, no attack. Maybe Shadow Meld or something for stealth? Anyway... High AOE damage. Medium cast time. Long-ish cooldown for reloading of cannons, decreases with level. Friendly fire is a possibility.)

Skill 4: Interfector Haereticus [Cast]
Lukas brings his power fists to bear on the enemy, raining down devestating blows upon the unfortunate soul infront of him.
(Melee attack, % Crit chance. I was thinking 1 strike per level, increases along with % per level. Stuns for set time after.)

Skill 5: Command Squad [Ultimate-Summon]
All high ranking IG officers rarely take the field without the support of their subordinates.
(Sort of Demi-Hero summons. LvL 1, Commissar; LvL 2, Commissar / Psyker; LvL 3, Commissar / Psyker / Priest. The Command Squad isn't controllable, they just follow Lukas around, will attack if enemy is within range.)

Commissar (range): +ATK to all friendly units around Lukas
Psyker (range): Minor Spell Shield; maybe only block some effects? Medium cooldown regardless. Only protects Lukas
Priest (melee): Minor regeneration and increase movement speed for all friendly units around Lukas

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