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Post by Grass Hopper on Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:23 am

im gona add in a new mode that autobalances when players leave, instead of people having to type -switch and -ok (cause aparently people are too stupid)

struct leaver
    player p
function set_udg_voted_to_false2 takes nothing returns nothing
    local integer OP = GetConvertedPlayerId(GetEnumPlayer())
    set udg_voted[OP]= false
function end_switch2 takes nothing returns nothing
    set udg_brip = false
    call DisableTrigger(gg_trg_Vote)
    call ForForce(udg_team[1], function set_udg_voted_to_false2)
    call ForForce(udg_team[2], function set_udg_voted_to_false2)
    set udg_vc[1] = 0
    set udg_vc[2] = 0
    set udg_tpc[1] = 0
    set udg_tpc[2] = 0
function leaver_timer takes nothing returns nothing
    local timer t = GetExpiredTimer()
    local integer i = 1
    local integer n
    local integer e
    local leaver d = GetTimerData(t)
    set n = GetPlayerId(d.p)
    set e = GetPlayerState(d.p, PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD)
        exitwhen i >= 12 
        if i == n or i == 6 then
            set i = i+1
        if team(n) == team(i) and GetPlayerSlotState(Player(i)) != PLAYER_SLOT_STATE_LEFT then
            call SetPlayerState(Player(i), PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD, GetPlayerState(Player(i), PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD) + e/udg_PlayerCount[team(n)])
        set i = i +1
    call SetPlayerState(d.p, PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD, 0)
function Trig_Leaver_Actions takes nothing returns nothing
    local timer t = NewTimer()
    local player p = GetTriggerPlayer()
    local integer j = GetPlayerId(p)
    local integer i = 1
    local integer n
    local leaver d = leaver.create()
    local integer pt1
    call DisplayText(udg_ColorString[GetPlayerId(GetTriggerPlayer())] + GetPlayerName(GetTriggerPlayer()) + "|r has left the game.")
    set d.p = p
    call SetTimerData(t, d)
    call TimerStart(t, 1, true, function leaver_timer) 
    set udg_PlayerCount[team(j)] = udg_PlayerCount[team(j)] - 1
    call  UnitAddAbility(udg_PlayerHero[j], 'A00M')
        exitwhen i == 12     
        if team(j) == team(i) then
            call SetPlayerAlliance(p, Player(i), ALLIANCE_SHARED_CONTROL, true)       
        set i = i +1
    call ForceAddPlayer(udg_team[(PlayerForceById(j)+3)], p)
    call ForceRemovePlayer(udg_team[1], p)
    call ForceRemovePlayer(udg_team[2], p)   
    call SetPlayerController(p, MAP_CONTROL_COMPUTER)
    call SetPlayerName(p, GetPlayerName(p) + "(Left)")
    // for -ab mode
    if udg_AutoBalance == true then
        // setting team player count
        call end_switch2()
            exitwhen pt1 == 12
            if pt1 == 6 then
                set pt1 = pt1 + 1
            if GetPlayerSlotState(Player(pt1)) == PLAYER_SLOT_STATE_PLAYING and PlayerForceById(pt1) == 0 then
                set udg_tpc[1] = udg_tpc[1] + 1
            elseif GetPlayerSlotState(Player(pt1)) == PLAYER_SLOT_STATE_PLAYING and PlayerForceById(pt1) == 1 then
                set udg_tpc[2] = udg_tpc[2] + 1
            set pt1 = pt1 + 1
        if udg_tpc[1] == udg_tpc[2] then
        elseif udg_tpc[2] - udg_tpc[1] < 2 and IsPlayerInForce(p,udg_team[1]) then
        elseif udg_tpc[1] - udg_tpc[2] < 2 and IsPlayerInForce(p,udg_team[2]) then
        if udg_tpc[1] < udg_tpc[2] then
            set udg_twlp = 1
        elseif udg_tpc[2] < udg_tpc[1] then
            set udg_twlp = 2
        call DisplayText("The teams are being autobalanced because team " + I2S(PlayerForceById(GetPlayerId(p))+1) + " has 2 less players than the other team")
        call TriggerSleepAction(1)
        call ExecuteFunc("autobalance")
function InitTrig_Leaver takes nothing returns nothing
    set gg_trg_Leaver = CreateTrigger(  )
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(1), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(2), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(3), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(4), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(5), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(7), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(8), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(9), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(10), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Leaver, Player(11), EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE)
    call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_Leaver, function Trig_Leaver_Actions )

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