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Mechanicum a Load of Crap? (Spoilers)

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Mechanicum a Load of Crap? (Spoilers) Empty Mechanicum a Load of Crap? (Spoilers)

Post by DeusMechanicus Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:00 pm

I usually like McNeill's novels (False Gods, Fulgrim, et cetera), but ... wow. It was entertaining, yes, but fell just short of smashing just about every WH40k canon about the Mechanicum, Cult Mechanicus and the Omnissiah, not to mention stretching the limits of belief (Humans having space travel in the 1000's?). Apparently Chaos forces also have a tomb on Mars, the Dragon is actually connected to the Warp (even though every previously printed has said a C'tan touching the Warp is like a child putting its hand into a fire), and the Emperor beat the Dragon on Earth, flew his ass to Mars and put him in a tomb when Humans were still fighting with bows and shit so that he could influence the creation of the Adeptus Mechanicus, giving the Emperor the weapons he needed for the Great Crusade. The main character is whiney little girl who apparently is a demi-god who builds the very first Golden Throne, has direct access to the Warp at will and can figure out any machine in seconds because the Warp contains every scrap of knowledge in the past, present and future (Am I the only one who thinks this is retarded? It's CHAOS. Any knowledge gleaned from Chaos is worth jack and shit). Even the civil war on Mars was horridly written. And the entire set up for the Dark Mechanicum is "Horus needs weapons to fight the Emperor", so what do they do? They release the scrapcode which does ... exactly the opposite by destroying every forge, storehouse and generator it comes into contact with. How is that helping to produce weapons for Horus' rebellion? And the entire "Omnissiah" prophecy was written by Chaos! ... Okay, that part I can believe, or atleast deal with. So in the end it really doesn't explain crap except that the Mechanicum worships just about anyone claiming to be a god and spends as much time fighting each other, thinking about how awesome their mechanical bodies are, and riding around pointlessely in their giant robots as they do actually making any scientific advances or other things that could possibly be useful to anyone. Why create new machines when we can spend our time hunting down all these old pieces of crap forgotten by time!

I don't know, I was just expecting cold, calculating, methodical tyrants of technology. Forming and breaking alliances with machine efficiency, without "feelings", only cold, rational thought, and moving armies of man and machine as if they were pawns in Chess. Instead he gives emotional, whining little brats. If that is how GW is going to portray the Mechanicum in the future, I do believe I may have to change my name and disavow any like of the Mechanicum.

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Mechanicum a Load of Crap? (Spoilers) Empty Re: Mechanicum a Load of Crap? (Spoilers)

Post by ChangerOfWays Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:00 am

Ya, it did seem to be a bunch of bull shit. As the Grey Knights put it, for every one truth a demon tells, a thousand lies lie between. Personally, I think that putting emotions into it would have been fine for the dark mechanicum (since they are infused with chaos, and chaos is emotions given raw form), but for the normal it should have been cold calculated moves yes. The whole Dragon thing makes absolutely no sense to me. It could be related to what the previous guardian said about how space and time are relative, maybe that's how the Emperor got the dragon to mars, but that's still lame.
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