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Hero suggestion Guidelines!

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Hero suggestion Guidelines! Empty Hero suggestion Guidelines!

Post by Grass Hopper on Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:13 pm

Ok, this will get more official later... but for now:

When posting a hero suggestion, prefix it with the race that it belongs to
for example: [Chaos] Abaddon - The Dispoiler

Hero suggestions need to be at least semi-organized. Posts must have the story, stats, movespeed/range included, even if they are only empty spaces or placeholders
Skill descriptions and effects need to be clearly seperated (there should be no confusion between the description and what the skill actually does)
And skills should (preferably) be in the right order (dont start with the ult, normal skill, normal skill, innate, etc.)

guidlines for the suggestion
golden rule: All heros must be 40k themed! i dont want any heroes that are blatantly not 40k heroes... its ok if youve never played 40k, and dont know how to theme it... but i dont want any "mur'gath, the eredor sorcerer"

other things of note:
-all heroes have 5 skills: 1 innate(has six levels) 3 regular skills(4 levels each) and one ultimate(3 levels) - skills should have appropriate mana/cooldown
-skills that rely on other skills to function at all (barring innates) are bad design. dont do it.
-hero stories should be no longer than 100 words: the absolute max number of characters allowed in a hero description box is 895(including spaces), so depending on the length of your skill names, you have *maximum*of 695 characters(including spaces) to make your hero story.

make the fluff fit the skills, not the skills fit the fluff*
when designing stat based damage, the best way to go (so it doesnt suck early and dominate late) is to give it a base damage and make the stat multiplier somewhat low (less that 1.5) so its as balanced as possible (something like 60 .95*int)

average stat gain is something like 6.1 across all stats, so dont have any crazy 3 str per level, 2.4 agi and int per level kinda deal going on
average staring stats is something like 60, so dont go overboard on stats!
average movespeed is 300,
average range is (none-gun units: 300-400; gun units: 600)

and remeber! numbers can be changed! thers no nead to diss a suggestion or change a suggestion if the numbers are off... final numbers will be up to me, so just put in a ballpack figure of what you think it should be, and let it stay that way.

Grass Hopper wrote:i mean to say that dont come up with a skill in the idea of fitting the fluff.
create your skill then find a way for the fluff to fit your created skill

like markerlight: it doesnt actually add damage to the pathfinders attacks (mostly cause its a heavy weapon) but the name and fluff have been adapted to fit the skill

now, dont get me wrong, a GREAT many skills work fine and are based on fluff and trying to import a skills effect in TT right into the game, but never should a hero or skill be replaced because it 'doesnt fit the fluff'

warning! very-stubborn, sarcastic, self-important, argumentative developer detected!

And unto the masses, He doth spoke:
"Behold The Stuff! It Is Good!"
And the Stuff was good.

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