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[COMPLETED][HERO] Karadras - Shadow Hunter

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[COMPLETED][HERO] Karadras - Shadow Hunter Empty [COMPLETED][HERO] Karadras - Shadow Hunter

Post by Grass Hopper on Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:59 pm

Karandras has the most potent sting of any Striking Scorpion, and uses claw and blade to rip his opponents to shreds before they are even aware of his presence. The mandiblasters used by Karandras, known as the Scorpion's Bite, are many times more powerful than those used by the Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors. Few have set eyes upon Karandras and lived to tell the tale.

stregnth: 18 + 1.7
agility: 24 + 2.6
intelligence: 17 + 1.6

range: melee
speed: 300

Karandras is a master stalker, and can flow silently and quickly through dense terrain, leaving no trace behind. While close to trees, gains 5/10/15/20/25/30 % evasion and 2/4/6/8/10/12 % movement speed.
Cosmetic: some sort of green effect or glow around him

Scorpions Bite:
Legendary set of Eldar Mandiblasters worn by Karandras, it is much more powerful than other Mandiblasers. Karandras uses these to emit a miniture hail of energy before he charges into combat. Deals 75/125/175/225 damage and has a high chance of cripling the target, slowing its movement speed by 20% for 4 seconds.
cosmetic: 5 miniture discs? comming from karadras.

Scorpions Claw:
Weapons used by Striking Scorpion Exarchs, Scorpion's claws are adapted powerfists with built-in shuriken catapults, allows the wearer to attack with a much higher power than normal attacks. Gives a 20% chance that Karandras will deal 1.5/1.9/2.3/2.7 x his normal damage.
cosmetic: small green glow on his right hand.

Biting Blade:
A large and powerful eldar chainsword that rends through enemies' armor. The teeth of a biting blade shred through flesh and muscle as if it were parchment. For every attack that Karandras makes against the same target, he gains an additional 5/7/9/11 % attackspeed, if he switches targets, the bonuses are lost.
Cosmetic: a chainsword model attached to his left hand

Shadow Strike:
Karandras can become one with the shadows, able to even fade from view in open ground. While active, Karandras is untargetable and greatly faded, becoming more visible the closer he is to an enemy. Invisibilty breaks at 600/450/300 distance from an enemy. takes 10/15/20 mana per second. Karandras gains 10/20/30% ms while invisible.
cosmetic: togleable permenent invis, with a... like 95% transparent copy ontop of him that gradually fades into 20% transparent at close range. plays trent birth animation on activation.

warning! very-stubborn, sarcastic, self-important, argumentative developer detected!

And unto the masses, He doth spoke:
"Behold The Stuff! It Is Good!"
And the Stuff was good.

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