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Version Progress
Changes for v0.02.0A
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Proposed Changelog for v0.44

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Proposed Changelog for v0.44 Empty Proposed Changelog for v0.44

Post by Grass Hopper Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:06 pm


-Added a new game mode: Only Middle (-om). can be typed at any time, but requires a vote after 15 seconds
-The -sd (show damage) command can now display damage that is taken as well as damage inflicted
-the -sd command no longer displays damage over hidden enemies
-Added in a message that displays when first blood is scored (in addition to the sound that is played)
-The team that scores first blood now gains a global 50% ias and 20% ms boost for 5 seconds.
-Destroyed base buildings (not towers or the main base) gives creeps additional damage ( .5 for small buildings, and 1 for large buildings)
-The towers protecting the main buildings can now be rebuilt.

-Hero kills now give 250 + 7.5 * the killed heroes level (from 250 + 15*lvl)
-Heroes that are 4 levels lower that you no longer give honor
-Dark Reapers now have 'normal armor'
-Tank Busta's honor upgrades now increase damage, not attack speed
-Ork Shoota Boys now benefit from the purchasable armor upgrades
-Reduced the cooldown on all hireables (120 => 45)

-Fixed the name display of assisters
-Fixed some issues with the displaying of damage dealt
-Removed some attack sounds which were taking up 1mb of map space
-The quick buy commands now work for player 12
-Items no longer go to your hero if your courier is too far from the shops

-Roughly halved the bonuses given by *all* items (passives, such as the mark of nurgles armor passive; actives, such as the staff of tzeench's heal/damage; attackspeed; and mana regen are unchanged)
-Renamed the runes: they are no longer 'runes' as such, but are now called gifts of the gods (for example: gift of khorn gives 90% damage) - this changelog will use runes for ease of understanding

-The Vitality rune now heals 1400 hp over 10 seconds (90 => 10)
-The Vitality rune now dispells on attack

-Changed the Cyclic Ion Blaster: it no longer requires the Hydraulic Suit and lots the Suit's bonuses, the pinning skill was replaced with an overcharge skill which grants a critical strike
-Changed the Warp Jump Generator: it no longer costs 10% of max hp, and activates on a click or move command, and has a 6 second cooldown
-Reduced the damage bonus on Chapter Banner (10% => 7%)
-Reduced the bonuses on Waaagh Banner(15% => 9% ias, 3% => 2% ims)
-Increased Bionics' strength bonus (6 => 8 )
-Ravens Talons now require Biological Stimulus isntead of Implant Attack
-Increased the agility and damage bonus on Ravens talons (15 => 20)
-Reduced the attackspeed bonus on Raven Talons (40 => 30%)
-Increased the recipe cost of the Hydraulic Suit (350 => 1150)
-Staff of Tzeentch now requires Designs of Tzeentch instead of a Spirit Stone
-Staff of Tzeentch now requires 4 honor (3 => 4)

-The Hydraulic Suit recipe no longer gives bonuses
-Heroes can no longer carry 2 two-handed weapons

-Added a new item: Long Ranged Scanner
-Added a new item: Sensor Sweep
-Added a new item: Metabolic Enhancements
-Added a new item: Reductor Field
-Added a new item: Dispersion Field
-Added a new item: Holo Suit
-Added a new item: Power Fist
-Added a new item: Thunder Hammer

Flayed One:
-Increased the range on Terrifying Visasge (150 => 200)
-Flayed Claws no longer knocks back buildings

-Reduced strength gain (3.4 => 3.1)
-Reduced starting strength (26 => 24)
-reduced the timer on Bonded Exoskeleton (=> 6/5.75/5.5/5.25/5/4.75 minutes)
-Reduced the bonus strength on Adrenal Glands (10/16/22/28 => 10/14/18/22)
-Lowered the cooldown on Acid Blood (.75 => .65)
-Acid blood now deals daamge based on max life instead of current life

-Added a base slow to Honor of the Chapter (0 => 0/5/10/15%)
-Honor of the Chapter now takes a constant 1% of max life (damage type to pure)

Sanctioned Psyker:
-Increased the manaburn/damge ratio on Lash of Torment (1 damage per mana burnt => 2)
-Lowered the cooldown on Lightning Arc (8/7/6/5 => 5/4/3/2)
-Lowered the damage on Lightning Arc (125/155/185/215 => 120/130/135/140)
-Lowered the damage reduction per bounce on Lightning Arc (10% => 5%)

Grey Knight:
-Lowered movement speed (305 => 300)

-Reduced the slow duration on Goreflight (6 => 4 seconds)
-Reduced the mana gained from Goreflight (5/7/9/11 => 4/6/8/10)
-Reduced the managain from Butcher's Carosel (9/11/13/15 => 6/8/10/12)
-Increased the stun duration on Butcher's Carosel (.5 => 1.25)
-Reduced the attackspeed boost from Fury of Khorne (.75/1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4 => .5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3)
-Lowered the magic resistance from Collar of Khorne (10/20/30/40 => 7/13/19/25%)
-Removed the reference to feedback protection from Collar of Khorne due to the new mechanics
-Increased the stun duration on Butcher's Carosel (.5 => 1.25)

Saint Celestine:
-Ardent blade now targets the ground at units affected, instead of homing in on the unit, and deals damage in a small aoe
-Faith Point orbs now become invisible if Celestine is

Necron Lord:
-Reduced the manaconst on Gaze of Flame (80 => 40)
-Gaze of Flame now silences for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds
-Increased Gaze of Flame stun duration (.1/.2/.3/.4 => .15/.3/.45/.6)
-Rescaled Gaze of Flame cooldown (10/8/6/4 => 9/8/7/6)
-Increased the aoe on Solar Pulse (=> 1000/1200/1400)
-Renamed the lord to Herald of Abhorence

-Reduced the damage reduciton on Armor of Shrieking Souls (10/20/30/40 => 10/17/24/31%)
-Reduced Martial Prides movespeed (5/9/13/17 => 5/8/11/14%) and attackspeed (15/30/45/60 => 20/25/30/35%)
-Reduced the damage penalty on Lash of Torment (10/20/30/40 => 12/20/28/36%)
-Increased the cooldown on Dance of Slaanesh (120 => 135)

-Fixed a bug where Biting Blade would add some perminent agility

-Remade Feel No Pain (see below)
-Lowered total damage on Fire Axe (20/50/75/100 => 25/45/65/85)
-Increased the cooldown on Crack Shot (75 => 110/95/80)
-Lowered agility gain (2.2 => 2)
-Increased strength gain (2 => 2.1)
-Increased intelligence gain (1.6 => 1.9)

-Remade Kharn (see below)

Lord of Change:
-Increased the cooldown on Firestorm (10 => 15)
-Changed the model (Eredar => Wildkin; it fits the actual lord of change look better)
-Lowered Bolt of Change duration (.75/1.5/2.25/3 => .5/1/1.5/2)
-Bolt of Change now permanatly morphs non-hero units

-Reduced the critical strike chance on Sword of Asur (20 => 15%)
-Reduced the evade chance on Battle Fate (5/10/15/20/25/30 => 5/9/13/17/21/25%)
-Lowered the slow on Defend (20/35/50/65 => 20/30/40/50%)
-Battle Fate can now toggle between melee and ranged attacking

-Lowered the bonus damage from Surgical Strike and Marked Target (15/20/25/30 => 20%)
-Rescaled the slow on Surgical Strike (10/20/30/40 => 30%)
-Reduced the aoe on Battlefield Intuition (1000/2000/3000/4000 => 1250/1750/2250/2750)
-Lowered the overall damage on Strafing Run (450/600/750 => 300/475/650)
-Increased the aoe on each blast in Strafing Run (150 full, 175 medium, 200 small => 175 full, 225 medium, 275 small)
-Made each blast in Strafing Run home in on the target

Mad Dok:
-Dok's Toolz no longer only heals the target

-God of Murder no longer works on level 6 creeps

-Psychic Hood no longer works while the Librarian is dead
-Reduced the aoe on Fury of the Ancients (200 => 140)

-Reduced the exp bounty on the Honorguardsmen and the Company Champion
-Company Champion can no longer be killed by Kaboom!
-Honorguardsmen can now be killed by Kaboom!

-Reduced Eldritch Storm's stun duration on heroes (.25 => .05)
-Increased the cooldown on Eldritch Storm (160/150/140 => 165)
-Reduced the cast range on Eldritch Storm (650 => 500)

-Added a new hero: Ahriman - Exile of the Thousand Suns
-Added a new hero: Vindicare Temple Assassin
-Added a new hero: Boss Snikrot - Kovert Kommando
-Added a new hero: Sigismund - Emperor's Champion

Feel no Pain:
Ability Type: Passive: Damage Reduction

Fuegan is able to walk through a raging inferno, he can withstand much more punishment than most others. Reduces all damage under 125 by a % equal to .5x Fuegan's strength. any damage above is reduced less, up to 0% reduction at 300 damage.

Kharn the Betrayer:
Mark of Khorne => Blood for the Blood God!
Ability Type: Acitve: Large Boost
Targets: Instant; Self.
Duration: 10 seconds.

Khârn carries the mark of his patron god Khorne, and channeling his rage and fury mark, he can go into a blood frenzy, a murderous rampage of death. Every kill he makes drives him to murder further for Khorne. When used, Khârn gains 8% ias, 4% ms, 2 armor and 6 regen per enemy killed since its last activation. Max of 75% ias, 20% ms, 15 armor, and 30 regen

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Furious Charge and Gorchild remain unchanged

Blessing of the Blood God no longer deactivates on spell cast

Blood for the Blood God! => Betrayer's Rage:
Ability Type: Active: Uncontrolable Boosts
Targets: Instant: Self.

Kharn is known as "The Betrayer" due to his sudden moments of incontrolable fury, destroying all in his path - friend or foe. When used Kharn enters a berzerk state, gaining a max stack of Blood for the Blood God, and a 70% chance to maim his targets, slowing and dealing damage per second for 3 seconds, but becomming unallied, and treating every order as an attack order.
15% of all maims tear open gashes in his foes bodies, causing them to take 50% of their distance moved in damage.

Level 1 - 15% slow, 30 dps. Lasts 8 seconds.
Level 2 - 20% slow, 40 dps. Lasts 9 seconds.
Level 3 - 25% slow, 50 dps. Lasts 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 60/50/40 seconds.
Manacost: 100 mana.

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