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Some rules to follow.

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Some rules to follow. Empty Some rules to follow.

Post by Glycine Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:14 am

This forum came about as a suggestion to make heroes via analysis and tweaking of their story. As such, I thought it deserved enough recognition to stay separate from the normal suggestions forum. However, that just means that we expect you to follow the guidelines listed below because if you don't, we'll be more than happy to move your post back into hero suggestions.

The rules are as followed:
  1. Until this forum is actually used, all below rules don't apply. ^^; So feel free to experiment until we actually need to use the rules to organize debate.
  2. While it would be easy to verify the veracity of fluff, please cite your sources. In the event that fluff is lacking, one is allowed to create fluff for any character provided your background story is plausible. Thus, this will allow us to create our own characters. (Good idea, no?)
  3. Multiple suggestions can be taken, but at the start of a certain time period (Most likely bi-monthly), one hero will be chosen for work. Criteria for selection include uniqueness, lack of heroes in that race, and amount of fluff available for analysis. If you wish to use material from a codex that you do not possess, please message me or Grass, as I will be more than happy to type up all information you need from the codices.
  4. For suggestions, please type the name of your hero in the subject along with affiliation and the word "Suggestion" in the description under the subject body. Your fluff should be the most important thing in your post, as it is through that text that we can see the hero.
  5. Once a suggestion has been approved, all other suggestions will be ranked in order of their importance. At the end of the two week period, we will reevaluate the rankings and then choose a new suggestion.
  6. DO NOT break these rules.
  7. As a last note, heroes that are already in the game or in the heroes forum can be suggested for fluff checking and potential remakes should there be an issue with the hero. One such hero would be Pathfinder.
  8. Have fun making heroes!

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