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Current Version: v0.0.01A

Alpha version

Changelogs to come


Changes to the way I release versions? (read the thread)

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Version Progress
Changes for v0.02.0A
||||||||||||||||||||[] [general]
||||||||||||||||||||[] [Heroes]
||||||||||||||||||||[] [Items]
||||||||||||||||||||[] [Bugs]
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Current Version: 0.47.04

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Current Version: 0.47.04 Empty Current Version: 0.47.04

Post by Grass Hopper on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:01 pm

Older Changelogs
Changelog and download of the current map:

|| V0.47.00 ||

| Download |
Epicwar: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/161247/
Megaupload: megaupload.com W1UATTB0

| Changelog |
-Trying a new method of releasing versions (see below)
-Added a new hero: O'Shova - Commander Farsight

-Rewrote the Auto Balance code
-(hopfuelly) fixed the issue with some stuns not working

-Strongholds now become invulnerable again if a Stronghold tower is rebuilt
-Added EMPTY designations on slots that never had a player in them for the multiboard

-Reworked Nurgles Rot on Plague Armor (for each damage reduced by armor, increases the power of a slow/degen aura)
-Thunder Hammer now properly stuns on the first hit

-Paradox of Duality no longer bugs when killed with a damage over time skill

-Khain's Burning Blood now properly gives regen

-Fixed the base regen of Celestine

-Fixed the base regen of Harlequin
-Fixed the base hp of Harlequin
-Fixed Flip Belt's tooltip (finally!)

-Fixed the turn off icon for Vindicaire's Precise Aim

|| V0.47.01 ||

| Download |
Epicwar: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/161820/
Megaupload: megaupload.com MG2IZ0XE

| Changelog |

-Removed general debug messages
-The map now actually works
-Updated the loading screen
-Widgetized the map, which should reduce loading times

-Rebalanced the armor loss on Ulthanash's Pride (.1/.15/.2/.25 => .15)
-Lowered the self damge on Spear of Twilight (2 => 1%)

Big Mek:
-Lowered the armor bonus on Kustom Forcefield (3/5/7/9 => 2/3/4/5)
-Lowered the armor bonus on Bionik Limbz (5/10/15 => 4/6/Cool

-Staff of Ulthamar now only deals 15% of the Farseer's intelligence against creeps
-Lowered the hero bonus damage on Staff of Ulthamar (40/52/64/76 => 30/38/46/54%)

-Increased the cooldown on Hood of Hellfire (3 => 6)
-Removed the damage/regen on Hood of Hellfire
-Lowered the aoe on the disable of Fear of the Darkness (300 => 175)
-Increased the aoe on the damage loss on Fear of the Darkness (300 => 600)
-Lowered the duration of the disable on Fear of the Darkness (1.75/2/2.25/2.5 => 1.25/1.5/1.75/2)

Necron Lord:
-Nightmare Shroud now has the following effects:
-> all units are unable to attack and cant target the Necron Lord for 5 seconds
-> heroes are stunned for 1/1.3/1.6/1.9 seconds, while creeps run away for the duration
-Added a new icon for Lightning Strike

-Increased the limit for Sensor Towers (2/3/4/5 => 4/5/6/7)
-Truesight on towers is now passive (400 aoe)
-The truesight active on towers now increases the aoe to 1600 for 4.5 seconds
-Increased the damage on Seeker Missles (75/120/165/210 => 105/150/195/240)
-Lowered the damage loss on successive Seeker Missles (50 => 35%)

|| V0.47.01 ||

| Download |
Epicwar: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/162445/
Megaupload: megaupload.com C1YGUJWA

| Changelog |

-Fixed the map Preview
-Fixed the Dreadnaught mode
-Reverted to the stun system used in 0.46, and fixed the bug causing stuns to stop working

|| V0.47.03 ||

| Download |
Epicwar: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/163153/
Megaupload: megaupload.com Z547WJXP

| Changelog |

-The main building no longer becomes invulnerable if a tower is rebuild and is destroyed

-reworked most of the items: Repricing and Restating basic items and recipes
-some items got reworked abilities

Big Mek:
-Lowered the damage return on Kustom Forcefield (20/30/40/50 => 10/15/20/25%)

|| V0.47.04 ||

| Download |
Epicwar: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/167405/
Megaupload: megaupload.com 4DG4NP4S

| Changelog |

-Sensor Sweep now works as intended
-All items that require Narthecium / Bionics are updated and displaying correctly
-Warp Icon no longer shares a cooldown with Sacred Standard

-Added a new item: Teleport Homer (see below)
-Added a new item: Flak Armor (see below)
-Added a new item: Webway Portal (see below)
-Aspect Armor and Hydrolic Suit now require Flak Armor
-Added a new ability to Bionics
-Added a new ability to Terminator Armor
-Changed the Daemonic Flames ability on Tyrant's Claw
-Warp Jump Generator is now a recipe that requires Jet Pack and Personal Teleporter
-Terminator Armor now requires 5 honor (Terminator Honors gives 2)

-Warp Field can no longer heal the Zoanthrope if the total reduction goes above 100%
-Lowerd Warp Field's damage reduction % (.75/.8/.85/.9/.95/1 => .75x Int)
-Lowered the damage on Cataclysm (3/5/7% of max life + 1.5xInt => 2.25/3.75/5.25% of max life + 1.5xInt)

Teleport Homer:
-Max stock of 2
-Restock time of 180
-250 gold cost
-3 charges
-places an invisible structure at the target point that removes drop pod scatter
-lasts 120 seconds
-180 second cooldown

Flak Armor:
-basic armor
-500 gold cost
-gives +2 armor and +2% movement speed

Webway Portal:
-recipe movement
-7150 gold, 5 honor total cost
-requires Warp Jump Generator, Psychic Link, recipe
-Gives +10 int, Warp Jump, and Portal
-Portal creates a portal at the casting location and the target location. The portal lasts 7 seconds. Ally and enemy heroes and their units can pass through the portal. Travel speed is 1000.
-Global range, 150 mana, 180 second cooldown
-basic item

Version Release
Every content* change will come as its own version update. These updates increment the version count (ie, 0.47.00 => 0.48.00)
Non-content changes, like balance and bug fixes, will be fixed when found, and uploaded as non-incremental versions (ie, 0.47.00 => 0.47.01)

The general discussion changelog thread (this thread) will contain the changes included in the Incremental version (0.47.00 => 0.48.00), as well as any changes that occur in the non-incremental versions (0.48.00 => 0.48.01)

on the changelog page found in the side bar (<= that way), the changelog will include the changes made in the Incremental version (0.47.00 => 0.48.00), and the non-incremental versions' changes from the previous versions (ie, the 0.48 page will include changes all the changes made from 0.47.01 to 0.48.00, while the page for 0.47 will include all the changes made from 0.46.01 to 0.47.00 - note, as this change wasnt implemented for 0.46, the 0.47 page will be short)

*content is defined as:
-a new hero, a large amount of new items, a remake**, a new game mode, or other similar major change to the map

**remakes are defined as:
-at least one new skill, anything else is considered a rework, and not considered a major content change (and will thus go into non-incremental versions)
(example: from 0.46, avatar was reworked, because he has no new skills, but many of his skills were changed. While the farseer was remade, because he got new skills, even though all the previous skills were kept)

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