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vacation! Empty vacation!

Post by Grass Hopper on Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:21 am

im leaving on a trip monday morning, and ill be gone for about 2 weeks.
ill still be able to access the forum, and i might even be able to have the bot running (altho it prolly wotn be able to host) some of the time.

the final content additions are done in the beta, i will upload it tonight, and anyone who wants can play it (by now theres been enough open betas that i dont really care for this version vacation! Icon_razz) jst make sure that people know that IT IS A BETA and there still might be bugs and imbalance.

after this content update, the rest of the beta maps will be for balance; i expect people to have played it while im gone, and have a list of stuff to do when i get back (in terms of balance tweeks)

edit: visit this thread for the download link and the changes

edit: NOOOOOOO i miss the release of SC2 vacation! Icon_sad

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vacation! Empty Re: vacation!

Post by Glycine on Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:54 am

After half a day of playing, already have a full list of things to do. I'll fill in things as time passes by.



Fundamentally bugged. In EVERY SINGLE GAME I have ever played with/against him, it is his summon spam and general tankishness that makes him impossible to stop pushing. Fix. It. Now. I'm getting tired of playing every single game with a Cato that just lets his summons attack the outposts over and over and there's nothing people can do about it. Now that Hireables are pretty much fail, there are no ways to stop pushers at all.

Veil still doesn't mesh well with me. In terms of gameplay, it's meant for an agi. carry hero, like Void, simply because its best potential lies with someone who can has the attack speed and damage to make use of it. Just because you have a 60% damage buff doesn't mean he suddenly becomes a powerhouse when he uses the ult. You're overestimating just how much damage he alone can pump out.

And if you're going to say it helps his team, that's highly unlikely, unless your team is coordinated and well out of range of the initial slow. I still believe he needs further refinements to his character, whether through use of different spells or an entirely new character. Perhaps if we actually used the character itself for inspiration?

Two for now, 37 to go.


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