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Changes to the way I release versions? (read the thread)

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Post by Grass Hopper Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:45 pm

The Sandbox is the forum to put any incomplete hero suggestions.
It is a place to gather feedback on suggestions in developement, work on completing existing skills, or just a place to hold your idea untill you can work on it

Incomplete can mean any of the following:
-Missing skills
-Incomplete skills
-Concept isnt fully complete / needs fixing (based on creator's decision)

Requirements for posting a hero here:
-Topic discusses a single hero
-Topic discusses an actual suggestion, and does not just put forth a unit type for hero creation

Topics discussing several heroes go either into general discussion, or the suggestion base forum
Topics putting forth a unit type as a hero idea belong in the Black Library
'Comunity' heros also belong in the black library in their various phases of developement

Bottom line: A hero can go here if there is at least a base for its theme/concept/skills

It's possible that an author posted a suggestion in the sadbox because they want a place to keep their collection of ideas before they have time to flesh it out or put it in any sort of form.
If a hero suggestion states that the author does not want comments, then Do Not Post in that thread. Posts in that thread not made by the author will be deleted.
An author can ask users not to post in their thread anywhere in the first post or the title. Anywhere else won't count.

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