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Current Version: v0.0.01A

Alpha version

Changelogs to come


Changes to the way I release versions? (read the thread)

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Post by Grass Hopper Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:42 pm

Avatar of Khaine - The Bloody Handed God
During the Fall of the Eldar, Khaine fought with the newborn Chaos God Slaanesh shortly after "She Who Thirsts" birth, following the destruction of the other Eldar Gods by the newly emergent Prince of Chaos. During the battle, Khaine's essence was shattered and scattered across the universe, ultimately coming to reside in the psychically-reactive Wraithbone hearts of the remaining Eldar Craftworlds. Wherever his essence landed, a wraith artefact was created, allowing future Eldar to be able to summon the spirit of Khaine back into the Materium to defend his race when a Craftworld faces a particularly dire crisis.

toughness: 7
initiative: 4
intellect: 4

armor: 8 + 1.5/lvl
movespeed: 2.35

physical power: 35 + 4/lvl
ability power: 0 + 1/lvl

Factional Trait: Battle Focus

innate: Fuelled by Sacrifice
"Every Eldar feels the Avatar's blood-thirst in his own mind, a deadly fire waiting to be set loose. Though the Eldar are a dying race, they understand that sacrifice is necessary. By giving their bodies and souls over to the living furnace that is the embodiment of their Bloody-Handed God, they empower him to wreak ever greater feats of destruction upon their foes."
kill target allied creep, gain x/x/x… damage and x/x/x… movepseed, and regain x/x/x… + (AP)% of targets current life over 10 seconds.

one: The Wailing Doom
"Known to the Eldar as the Suin Daellae, the Wailing Doom is a shrieking blade many feet long that sends out murderous bolts of force as the Avatar strides to war and reaps a brutal tally at close quarters."
deals x/x/x… damage, slows for 50% for 2 seconds, and removes x/x/x… armour for 7 seconds.

two: Emblem of War
"Summoned to war through arcane rituals, the Avatar marches at the forefront of his army, and the Eldar who march in his wake are galvanised by his sheer bloodlust. Their fear and hesitation is burned away in an instant, replaced by an unholy joy in the anticipation of battle, and a murder-thrist that must be slaked."
nearby allied heal x/x/x…% of any damage taken by the avatar.
activate to stop the effect of the passive, and cause nearby allies to regain x/x/x% of max life per second.

three: Molten Body
"The Avatar of Khaine is an ancient god incarnate, and his massive form is fearsome to behold. His eyes glow red as bubbles of fiery ichor burst and solidify upon his incandescent skin. Tendrils of acrid smoke and flying cinders enwreathe him like a dark crown, and thick red gore drips from the fingers of his left hand."
gains x/x/x… regeneration, and deals (AP) damage to nearby enemies every second.

ult: Khaine Awakened
"As the Eldar prepare for war, the essence of the Avatar pulses with their battle-lust. His massive heart quickens and his metal flesh pulses with life. Molten iron boils through his veins. The embodiment of Kaela Mensha Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God, is awakened in response to the need for war."
units dying near the avatar deal (AP) + x/x/x% of their max life damage in a 2 aoe
while toggled on, all damage is doubled, the killer is damaged weather or not it is in the aoe, and the avatar gains x/x/x attack speed as long as it is toggled on.

warning! very-stubborn, sarcastic, self-important, argumentative developer detected!

And unto the masses, He doth spoke:
"Behold The Stuff! It Is Good!"
And the Stuff was good.

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