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The Requisition/Warlord System. I_vote_lcap63%The Requisition/Warlord System. I_vote_rcap 63% [ 5 ]
The Requisition/Warlord System. I_vote_lcap38%The Requisition/Warlord System. I_vote_rcap 38% [ 3 ]

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The Requisition/Warlord System.

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The Requisition/Warlord System. Empty The Requisition/Warlord System.

Post by Glycine Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:19 am

Like in Dawn of War, you fight to control the battlefield, even as you fight to gain resources to upgrade and procure new equipment; such is the crux of the Requisition System.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Requisition (Req)? [R1]
  2. What is a Warlord? [R2]
  3. How does the team acquire Req? [R3]
  4. What abilities can the Warlord speng Req to utilize? [R4]
  5. What are Faction-Specific Warlord Abilities? [R5]
  6. How can other people spend Req? [R6]
  7. How else does Requisition affect the game? [R7]

  • What is Requisition (Req)? [R1]

Requisition is a measure of your team's ability to control certain areas on the map known as outposts and points of interest.

In fluff-terms, one could imagine it the ability to harness the resources inherent within the battlefield, whether that be an increased flow of tithe going offworld for the purpose of procuring resources or being able to increase communication capacity to command the army all at once. Regardless of the specific boon holding a point, one can say they all change the ability of the army as a whole to function, and hence can be grouped as a single resource.

This resource is primarily spent by the army's Warlord in a myriad of ways, while individual heroes are able to spend requisition, albeit in a more limited way.

  • What is a Warlord? [R2]

The role of the Warlord is akin to the commanding officer of a force: To control, manipulate, and command the forces he or she or it may have as to achieve strategic goals.

One Warlord is selected on each team, which has the option to vote on an individual in the event multiple people wish to be warlord. To become Warlord, first one must volunteer to do so within the hero selection interface through the Claim Warlord button. This creates a new button with their name and the number of votes that player has received.

Players then can vote on who should be the warlord, and may change their vote, but may not vote or change their vote once they have picked a hero. (Why is this Grass?) The player who has either an outright majority of the vote or a plurality when the creeps spawn is elected the warlord, but in the event of a tie, the player who first volunteered to be warlord is chosen.

  • How does the team acquire Req? [R3]

Each team has both an initial amount of requisition and small periodic gain of requisition, but the bulk of requisition will come from having controlled 10 points on the map: 4 Outposts and 6 Points of Interest. Outposts are key strategic points which in some way or another, provide a significant boost to the functionality of your forces, while Points of Interest are merely that.
Each kind of point has a different value once captured in terms of initial gain upon capture.

Outposts: 75 initial Req, 5 Req/second
Points of Interest: 25 initial Req, 2 Req/second

To capture an point, any unit can stand next to a point, and will capture at the rate of 1 point per second.

Keep in mind two important facts, however.

  1. A point will not start producing requisition until 60 seconds after its capture, as whatever strategic value gained has to be first integrated into the army, so it is integral to defend a point once you have captured it.
  2. Once producing requisition, however, the value of a point will depreciate over time at the rate of 1% per second, so one cannot sit on the points one has, but must seek to acquire more.

  • What abilities can the Warlord speng Req to utilize? [R4]

An example of some warlord abilities are as followed. Keep in mind that costs and concepts are subject to change.

linebreaker squadrdon: 300req, 120s cooldown
calls in 3 siege creeps at the main base that travel to the enemies base

Reinforcements: 450 req, 150s cooldown
creates an extra wave of creeps that function just like a normal wave

To the Front Lines: 100req, 60s cool down
order all creeps within x range of the selected unit to that point

All Out Attack: 400req, 240s cool down
orders all creeps on the map to the target point

Press the Attack!: 300 req, 120s cool down
for the next two minus, outposts will no longer keep 10 creeps around them for defines
[warning: may be dangerous to your own team]

Artillery strike: 150 req, 60s cooldown
orders an attack at the target outpost, x blasts deal x damage each and stun for 1 second.
[warning: potentially harmful to your own team]

Intercept command lines: 450req, 180s cooldown
for 60 seconds, enemy creeps will always initially path towards enemy controlled points
[warning: potentially harmful to your own team]

  • What are Faction-Specific Warlord Abilities? [R5]

Each Warlord will have a set of standard abilities to utilize, but each warlord will also have two abilities specific to the faction they belong to. Each faction wages war in a slightly different flavor, and we hope to capture but a part of that essence within each set of warlord skills. Keep in mind that while more than two faction-specific skills will become available as the game matures, the warlord will only have be able to select two, and this selection is permanent for the rest of the game.

For the Space Marines:
Drop Pod Assault: The next wave of creeps that spawn will do so not at the HQ, but at points across the map, having traveled by droppod. When this skill is activated, any hero on the team can travel by droppod to a location for free. (These droppods will behave like normal drop pods in every way)
300 Req, 120s CD.

Armored Fist: A Thunderhawk gunship bombs the target area, dealing significant area of effect damage, and then unloads a Land Raider to continue the assault.
300 Req, 120s CD.

For the Eldar:
Webway Strike: Webway Portals are opened at all owned points and the base for 30 seconds, allowing instantaneous movement across the map. However, once used, there is a 20 second cooldown before a hero can travel through the webway again.
400 Req, 180s CD.

Phantasm: When used, a creep wave consisting of illusions is spawned. Half of them follow normal creep pathing, while the other half target a chosen point. Illusions take 250% damage and deal none through their attack, but buffs or spells cast on illusions that would make them a damage source behave as normal.
250 Req, 120s CD.

  • How can other people spend Req? [R6]

As alluded to before, all heroes will be able to spend limited amounts of requisition on more local/tactical abilities as well as personal transport across the map, in addition to other features to be released in the future. These purchases will occur at shops within the base.

Drop pod: 50 Req, 60s CD. [Only usable at base]
After a delay, the hero arrives by drop pod at a target point on the map. Note: Drop pods will scatter from their target point the further you travel from the base, but will not scatter at any owned points or near a homing beacon. 

Emergency Extraction: 50 Req, 60s CD. [Only usable at an outpost]
After a delay, the hero is picked up by an aircraft and transported to another outpost or back to base. This aircraft has same stats as a tank and can be destroyed while it lands to retrieve the hero or in flight.

  • How else does Requisition affect the game? [R7]

While not formally created, the item system will rely on Requisition in a key way. Every team will start with access to basic weapons and equipment, and as certain levels of requisition are reached, the quality and rarity of items in the shop will increase. Keep in mind that these thresholds will be based on the total amount of requisition the team has gained, and not the amount of requisition on hand. A functional consequence of this system is that a single player cannot take control of the game early solely through kills, but will instead have to work to turn that advantage towards a concrete advantage in capturing points.

There might be other ways, as we progress through alpha and beta versions, so keep an eye on this section.

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