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Warlord Abilities by race

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Warlord Abilities by race Empty Warlord Abilities by race

Post by Grass Hopper Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:30 pm

Standard warlord abilities can be found in the requisition system thread here

in addition, each faction gets two of its own faction specific warlord abilities

Space Marines:
Drop Pod Assault:
The next wave of creeps that spawn will do so not at the HQ, but at points across the map, having traveled by drop pod.
300 Req, 120s CD.

Armored Fist:
A Thunderhawk gunship bombs the target area, dealing significant area of effect damage, and then unloads a Land Raider to continue the assault.
300 Req, 120s CD.

Deploy Defensive Line:
Turrets are airdropped at targeted location and must be destroyed before it can be captured. The number and strength of turrets scale with time.
200 Req, 100s CD.

Close Air Support:
2 Valkyries spawn and attack two random enemy points for 3 minutes. Each creates 2 guardsmen every 30 seconds and attacks creeps.
300 Req, 180s CD

Scout Sentinel Strike:
3 scout sentinels travel down side paths, revealing the area and attacking creeps
(have flying vision, and vision lingers for a short time)
200 Req, 120s CD.
toss-up between the three

Inquisitorial Remit:
Target unit (units in target area) are instantly transported to the position of selected units (are picked up by flyer and brought to selected units' position.
150 Req, 90s CD

Exterminatus Extremis:
All points on the map are bombarded from orbit, dealing massive damage over 10 seconds to two random points at a time. Bombardments will be staggered by 5 seconds between outpost.
600 Req, 360s CD

Tau Empire:
Drone Network:
All units on the map receive one markerlight debuff for 15 seconds, revealing them and enabling other Tau abilities to be used.
300 Req, 150s CD.

Darkstar Warhead:
Deals a large amount of damage to non-mechanical enemies at target location over 10 seconds and slows affected units by 15%.
450 Req, 240s CD.

Webway Strike:
Webway Portals are opened at all owned points and the base for 30 seconds, allowing instantaneous movement across the map. However, once used, there is a 20 second cooldown before a hero can travel through the webway again.
400 Req, 180s CD.

When used, a creep wave consisting of illusions is spawned. Half of them follow normal creep pathing, while the other half target a chosen point. Illusions take 250% damage and deal none through their attack, but buffs or spells cast on illusions that would make them a damage source behave as normal.
250 Req, 120s CD.

Dark Eldar
Lords of the Night
Disables all vision granting tactical and warlord abilities and prevents their use for 30 seconds.
300 Req, 180s CD

Webway Raids:
Webway Portals are opened at all enemy points and the base for 30 seconds, allowing instantaneous movement across the map. However, once used, there is a 20 second cooldown before a hero can travel through the webway again. 
400 Req, 180s CD.

Forces of Chaos
Chaos Marines -
Corrupt and Despoil:
Target sector is unable to be captured or targeted by tactical abilities or strategic assets for 60 seconds.
200 Req, 180s CD

Crucible of Power:
Deals damage to all creeps around a target point to massively increase the health and mana regeneration of allied heroes for a short period. 
250 Req, 180s CD

Warp Suppressing Pylon:
Hero abilities are unable to be used at target point for 10 seconds.
350 Req, 240s CD.

Reconstruction Scarabs:
Revives all allied creeps who have died near a point in the last 45 seconds.
400 Req, 240s CD

Endless Swarm:
Whenever a creep is killed for 15 seconds, another of the same type is spawned at the Command and Control Center. These bonus creeps do not give kill rewards.
400 Req, 240s CD.

Spore Chimneys:
Unlinks all enemies' vision for 30 seconds. Enemies inside any allied points cannot see outside. Enemies outside allied points cannot see inside.
300 Req, 210s CD

Get 'Em Boyz!
For 60 seconds, creeps capture locations twice as fast, but the requisition gain per second is halved.
200 Req, 180s CD

Power of Da WAAAGH!
Creeps gain the benefit of the Ork Racial Trait for 30 seconds.
250 Req, 150s CD

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