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Current Version: v0.0.01A

Alpha version

Changelogs to come


Changes to the way I release versions? (read the thread)

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Version Progress
Changes for v0.02.0A
||||||||||||||||||||[] [general]
||||||||||||||||||||[] [Heroes]
||||||||||||||||||||[] [Items]
||||||||||||||||||||[] [Bugs]
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Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b)

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Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b) Empty Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b)

Post by Grass Hopper on Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:30 pm

Changelog and download of the current map:
older maps and their downloads can be found on the next couple posts (NOTE: all maps older than 0.40 will not work on wc3 v1.24 or later)

|| V0.44b ||

| Download |
Epicwar: http://epicwar.com/maps/125556/
Megaupload: megaupload.com T55EY379

| Changelog |
-Assists now give 20% of the gold gained for the kill
-Started modifying the tooltips of spells to be more clear
-Fixed a bug where you could Buy a Drop Pod with a squig and the hero out of base
-Fixed the special honor kills triggering with summoned units
-Fixed a bug where shops would sell items to dummy units
-Possibly fixed the bug where the -switch command wouldnt work the first time

Drop Pods:
-Reduced the max stock on Drop Pods (3 => 1)
-Increased the cooldown on the Drop Pod's Blink (0 => 60)
-Renamed Teleport to Re-focus
-Lowered the movespeed of the targeter (522 => 300)

-Can now use non-accessory items

-Lowered the cleave aoe on Skulls for the Skull Throne (200/300/400 => 300)
-Increased the aoe on Butcher's Carosel (220 => 220/240/260/280)
-Increased the stun duration on Butcher's Carosel (1.25 => 1.25/1.75/2.25/2.75)

Necron Lord:
-Slightly modified the coding on We'll Be Back, this should fix some (possible) bugs where the skill wouldnt trigger as much as it should have

|| V0.44 ||

| Download |
Epicwar: http://epicwar.com/maps/124937/
Megaupload: megaupload.com Z5E77MWL

| Changelog |
-Reworked the terrain and lanes
-Added a quick transportation methid (see below)
-The forrest runes now spawn on a fixed 3 minute intervel
-Items bought by ork players using the "-b" command no longer appear on their hero if they are too far from the base
-Attacks from towers no longer destroy walls or trees

-Lowered the hp on Outposts (2000 => 1500)
-Lowered ther armor on Outposts (10 => 5)

-Changed the -om(only mid) to -only top and -only bot

-Expanded on the not gaining honor from killing heroes 4 or more levels lower than you (see below)
-Reduced the honor cost of hireables (1/5 => 1/10 of total honor)
-Reduced the honor cost of the creep damage upgrade (2 => 1)
-Reduced the honor cost of the creep armor upgrade (4 => 2)
-Reduced the honor cost of the creep life upgrade (3 => 2)
-Reduced the honor cost of rebuilding base towers (2 => 1)

-Renamed the forces of order tavern to the Forces of the Tau Empire
-The show damage command dispays total damage dealt instead of having the bonus damage displayed seperate
-Lowered the hight of the floating text from skills that deal bonus damage
-Switched players are now dispalyed properly on the multiboard

-Removed most of the loading scren lag (this will some heroes to lag more when being picked)
-Cleaned up some code to help end game performance
-Recoded some triggered stuns
-Changed code in fear skills (terror, terrifying visage)

-Added new rune: gift of the deceiver (see below)
-Added new rune: gift of the dragon (see below)
-Added new rune: gift of vaul (see below)

-Increased the range on Long Range Scanner (2000 => 7000)
-Increased the range on Sensor Sweep (3500 => 15000)
-Rebalanced armor values on all armor items
-Increased the cost of stim packs (1500 => 1850)
-Holo suit now gives 3 armor
-Terminator honors now gives 2 honor like it should
-Added a new item: Plague Armor
-Added a new item: Warp Icon

-Made the main attribue intelligence
-Increased the attack speed penalty on Exodus Rifle (-50/60/70/80/90/100 => -75/90/105/120/135/150%)
-Lowered the caost time on Aim Vitals (3 => 1.25)
-Precice Aim's effects level properly now
-Spymask now gives full 1800 vision at night time

-Added a cap of 10 bolts to doombolt (there is no cap on the damage)

-Increased the cast range on Tricksy Traps (100 => 325)

Flayed One:
-Removed the custom model (now uses a regular ghoul model)
-Fixed an error where burrow strike would teleport to the middle of the map

Keeper of Secrets:
-Removed the attack speed bonus from Warptime
-Removed the "-" in the Keeper's name

-Catalyst now counts enemies
-Warp blast now increased damage from all sources as well as from further Warp Blasts
-Increased attack range (melee => 600)

Sanctioned Psyker:
-Reworked Lightning Arc (see blow)

Grey Knight:
-Reworked the mechanics on The Aegis, should work properly now
-Reduced the manacost on The Aegis (20/17/14/11 => 15/13/11/9% of max mana)

-Lowered the attackspeed bonus on Biting Blade (3/6/8/12% => 2/4/6/8%)
-Lowered the critical multiplier on Scorpion's Claw (1.5/1.9/2.3/2.7 => 1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4)

-Increased the delay on Feel No Pain (2.5/3/3.5/4 => 2.5/3.5/4.5/5.5/)
-Changed Feel No Pain's return damage type (magic => pure)
-Changed the damage type of Destroyer Hive (spells => piercing)
-Reduced the swarm count on Destroyer Hive (15/25/30 => 15/20/25)
-Lowered the duration on Nurgles Rot (4 => 2.5)
-Reworked Winds of Chaos (see blow)

-Remade Lucius (see blow)

-Battle Fate now levels up correctly

-Increased the slow on Betrayers Rage (15/20/25% => 25/30/35%)

-Renamed to Prince Yriel

Lord of Change:
-Reworked Nightmare Reality (see blow)
-Reworked Heral of Change (see blow)
-Increased the cooldown on Bolt of Change (18 => 21)
-Rebalanced the duration on Bolt of Change (.5/1/1.5/2 => 1/1.35/1.7/2.05)
-Increased the cooldown on Firestorm (15 => 18)
-Changed the mechanics on Terror to work similar to Terrifying Visage(Flayed One)

Warp Head:
-Lowered number of arcs on Zzap (5 => 3)

-Reworked Dance of Death (see blow)
-Increased starting intelligence (15 => 18)
-Increased intelligence gain (1.55 => 1.65)

-Added a max of 50% damage and 25% movespeed to God of Murder

-Increased the duration on the Company Champion's Challenge (2.5 => 3)
-Increased the range on Drop Pod Assault (2500/3000/3500/4000/4500/5000 => 5000/6000/7000/8000/9000/10000)
-Recoded Challenge to work like Champion's Challenge (Emperor's Champion)

-Added bonus regen to Fortune

-Added a new hero: tomb spyder
-Added a new hero: Aun'va
-Added a new hero: Imperial Commissar
-Added a new hero: Void Dragon

Quick Transportaion Method
Transports your hero into orbit where he can deepstrike to a point on the map.
The further from base the target is, the greater the chance of mis-fireing becomes.
[Note: When bought, a marker appears. The marker has a map-wide 0 cooldown blink and max movespeed. It has the 'Drop' ability which will drop-pod your hero to its location]

Cooldown: 20 seconds.
misfire chance: will land anywhere from ((0-5% of distnace) to 10% of distance) of the target location

Honor From Kills
Added two extra types of kills:
Easy Pray! (achived when killing a hero that is 5 or more levels below your level, gains 0 honor for this kill)
Challenging Victory! (achived when killing a hero that is 5 or more levels above your level, gains 2 honor for this kill)

Gift of the Dragon: Reveals the entire map for 3 seconds
Gift of the Deceiver: Creates an illusion of the hero (illusions take 100% damage and deal 100% damage)
Gift of Vaul: Grants magic imunity for 30 seconds (warning: some buffs will not work on magic imune units)

Lightning Arc
New wrote:Ability Type: Acitve: Chain Damage
Targets: Unit: Enemy Units
Range: 700 range.

Focusing his mind, the Primaris Psyker unleashes a wave of pure warp energy in the form of arcing lightning, jumping from target to target. Lightning Arc deals 140 intial damage to the target and jumps to nearby enemies, dealing 10% more damage with each jump.

Level 1 - Jumps 2 times.
Level 2 - Jumps 3 times.
Level 3 - Jumps 4 times.
Level 4 - Jumps 5 times.

Cooldown: 5/4/3/2 seconds
Manacost: 95 mana.
Will deal (140/154/169/186/204) damage

Winds of Chaos
New wrote:Ability Type: Active: Cone Damage
Targets: Ground: Enemy Units.
Range: 700, 300 AoE.

Typhus was granted the power to summon chaotic winds of fire and decy to damage and destroy his enemies. Deals 270 damage, and adds 10 stacks of Nurgles rot on the target.

Cooldown: 7 seconds.

Nightmare Reality
New wrote:Ability Type: Active: AoE Stun
Targets: Ground: Enemy Units.

The Lord of Change warps the target location, causing all manner of daemonic changes and apperations. Units caught in the area are initially terrified and imobilized, taking damage and being stuned. The target location becomes inhospitible for 150 seconds, dealing damage over time and slowing any enemies caught in the area.

Level 1 - 2 second stun, 100 damage. 12% slow, 20 dot.
Level 2 - 2.5 second stun, 150 damage. 16% slow, 30 dot.
Level 3 - 3 second stun, 200 damage. 20% slow, 40 dot.

Cooldown: 100/85/70 seconds.
Manacost: 200 mana.

Herlod of Change
New wrote:Ability Type: Passive: Unit Spawn.
Targets: Unit: Enemy Units.
Duration: 25 Seconds.

The Lord of Change brings chaos and mutation wherever he goes, causing his victimes to become hapless horrors. When the Lord of Change kills an enemy, a Chaos Horror will spawn from its corpse.
Horrors deal 15 stacking damage per second to nearby enemies.
Horrors have the Split ability which causes them to split into two lesser Blue Horrors upon death.
Horrors have level 1 Herald Of Change

[Innate: This skill is given at level one, and will level up once per 2 points put into the 'Atribute Bonus' skill]
Pink horrors do 3 damage with a .1 second attack cooldown, attacks bounce twice
Blue horrors do 1-3 damage with a .1 second attack cooldown, attacks bounce once
Horrors gain the split ability at level 4
Horrors gain Herold of Change at level 6

Dance of Death
New wrote:Ability Type: Active: Multi Target Attack.
Targets: Units: Enemy units.
Range: 750, 350 Aoe.

The harlequin displays her combat abilities by dancing in and out of the enemies men, slashing each enemy around the target unit, dealing damage based on her strength and knocking them back. While dancing, the evasion gained from Holofield is doubled.

Level 1 - 40 strength as damage.
Level 2 - 60 strength as damage.
Level 3 - 80 strength as damage.
Level 4 - 100 strength as damage.

Cooldown: 16/14/12/10 seconds.
Manacost: 75 mana.
note: damage type changed to magic

Doomsiren => Armor of Shrieking Souls
Ability Type: Active: Line Damage and Stun.
Targets: Ground: Enemy Units.

Lucius' armor houses the souls of those that have slain him over the millennia. Lucius has a manner of control over these spirits and is able to summon a screaming wave of sonic energy to smash over his foes. Deals damage equal to 0.5x Lucius' agility plus 1.5x Lucius' intelligence and stuns all enemies in a line. Enemies are stuned based on distance from Lucius, 1.425 second at close range, and .475 seconds at max range.

[Innate: This skill is given at level one, and will level up once per 2 points put into the 'Atribute Bonus' skill]

Cooldown: 8 seconds.

Armor of Shrieking Souls => Dance of Slaanesh
Ability Type: Active: Speed Buffs
Targets: Instant

A nimble and powerful fighter, Lucius is percieved as nearly invincible, a force of nature that can not be bested. He fights with such skill and speed that he can not be touched. Lucius gains max movespeed and 100% evasion for the duration. Lucius also attacks enemies with such speed that they feel the effects of his blows several more times, taking an additional 20 damage per extra strike

Level 1 - 2.75 second duration. Extra 2 attacks.
Level 2 - 3.3 second duration. Extra 3 attacks.
Level 3 - 3.85 second duration. Extra 4 attacks.
Level 4 - 4.4 second duration. Extra 5 attacks.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.
Manacost: 95/120/145/170 mana.

Lash of Torment
Ability Type: Active: Cripple. Passive: Counterattack
Targets: Units: Enemies.
Range: 600 Range.

Lucius carries the daemonic lash of torment which writes with a sentient malice for all living beings. Lucius can ensnare a target with his lash, slowing their movespeed and attackspeed by 50%; Also, when Lucius is damaged, the lash of torment reaches out and snares the unit for 0.75 seconds, slowing its movespeed by 50% and attackspeed by 100%. Lucius then counterattacks with a stong slash from his power weapon, dealing a percentage of the taken damage. Has an internal cooldown.

Level 1 - 1.0 second duration. 50% counter, 1.55 cd.
Level 2 - 1.5 second duration. 60% counter, 1.45 cd.
Level 3 - 2.0 second duration. 70% counter, 1.35 cd.
Level 3 - 2.5 second duration. 80% counter, 1.25 cd.

Cooldown: 8 seconds.
Manacost: 45/55/65/75 mana

martial pride remains unchanged

Dance of Slaanesh => The Eternal
Ability Type: Passive: Rebirth

Lucius is never truly killed, those that slay him in combat, should they feel any pride for the kill, will find themselves slowly and painfully transforming into Lucius, becoming absorbed into his armor and becoming just another soul. Whenever Lucius is killed, his killer will suffer pure damage equal to a % of its current life over 20 seconds. should the killer die for any reason during this duration, Lucius will be reborn from his killer with a % of his max life and mana, gaining a percent of the killers strength and intelligence.

Level 1 - 105% current life, 50% health, 5% stat steal.
Level 2 - 110% current life, 60% health, 6% stat steal.
Level 3 - 115% current life, 70% health, 7% stat steal.

Cooldown: 200/170/140 seconds.

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Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b) Empty Re: Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b)

Post by Grass Hopper on Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:30 pm

Older map's changelogs, starting from version beta0.14 - check the my last post for the maps to download

-made a loadscreen
-fixed the ramp in the top lane on the ork side
-reduced duration of eldritch storm (4/5/6 => 3/4/5)
-increased cooldown of eldritch storm (150/130/110 => 160/150/140)
-removed permanent strength gain from avatar's wailing doom when he kills a hero
-reduced collision size on grots (10 => 0)
-reduced bounty on grots (26-32 => 10-15)
-change the amount of agility that gives an armor (3 agi = 1 armor => 10 agi = 1 armor)
-changed the creep spawn mechanism to incorperate the future implemenation of outposts (spawn from base, instead of the first barracks)
-added 2 new lines of text to the greeting message (no repicks, and explaining -random)

-fixed an error with the -ma command, it now works properly

-lowerd Warboss' int gain (1.55 => 1.5)
-lowerd slow on Warboss' Crushing Shockwave (20/30/40/50 => 20/25/30/35)
-lowered damage on Crushing Shockwave (200/275/350/425 => 125/200/275/350)
-increased manacost on Warboss' Mighty Slam (100/110/120/130 => 100/120/140/160)
-reduced damage on Mighty Slam (200/300/400/500 => 150/200/250/300)

-increased duration on Farseer's mindwar (6 seconds => 8 seconds)

-lowered armor and regeneration on main buildings (35 armor, 2.5 regen => 30 armor, 1 regen)
-increased lane creeps damage per upgrade (1 for melee, 2 for ranged => 2 for melee, 3 for ranged)
-decreased time between creep upgrades (10 minutes => 9 minutes)
-reduced lane creeps movespeed (325 => 315)

-added new item: rune armor
-added new item: force weapon

-removed powerweapon for now, added choppa instead.
-rebalanced item cots:
forceweapon (400 => 2250)
relic blade (1650 => 2000)
aspect armor, power armor, rune armor (650 => 1250)
wraithbone armor (850 => 1000)
close combat weapon (400 => 550)
jet pack (450 => 500)

-removed base hero regen (1 => 0)
-changed the spawning mechanism:
units now spawn from one of two barracks' in the lane, if the barracks is destroyed, units no longer spawn there. this is an early version of the outpost system that i plan to implement

-fixed tooltip for Warboss' Power of the Waaagh!
-reduce manacost on Warboss' skils:
crushing shockwave (100/125/150/175 => 100/115/130/145)
mighty slam (100/120/140/160 => 110/120/130/140)

-lowered armor bonus of Avatar's Kain's Burning Blood (3/5/7/9 = > 2/3/4/5)
-reduce regen of Khain's Burning Blood (2/3/4/5 => 1/2/3/4)

-increase base armor on doc (0 => 2)

-Modified Runtherd's Grotshield

-buff farseers starting strength (15 => 17)
-buffed damage on mind war (100/135/170/205 => 120/160/200/240)
-fixed a bug that moved the revive camera even after you bought back
-widened the entrances to the bases
-finished implementing the outpost system:
each team has 2 outpsts per lane, the base and the forward one, each outpost has invince towers guarding it, when the outpost is destroyed, the outpost and towers become the team's that destroyed it.

-increased librairan's strength per level (2.1 => 2.2)
-incerased librarian's intelligence per level (2.25 => 2.35)

-Added new command: "-showdamage" that shows the damage dealt by your hero.

-Qidened the entrances to the bases in the middle lane.
-Buffed the towers of the outposts near the base (1.5 second attack cooldown => .75 second)

-Added recipie system
-Added 3 new items: purity seals, runes of witnessing, runes of warding

-Added a new hero: Kai'un, Eldar Autarch

-Added a percent chance for creeps to say a taunt when they kill a unit

-Reduce ping interval on Autarch`s Battlefield Intuition (80/60/40/20 => 30/25/20/15)
-Increased bombardment duration on Autarch's Strafing Run (1/1.5/2 => 1.5/2/2.5)
-increased damage on Strafing Run (50 per bomb, physical damage => 60 per bomb, spell damage: 250/350/500 => 450/600/750)
-Increased search range on Strafing Run (600/800/1000 => 1000/1500/200)
-Changed Strafing Run Mechanic (aoe on all targets => aoe devided amungst all targets)

-Widedned entrances to some outposts
-Made outpost kills give team bounty (100 gold)
-Uped the bounty on base towers (400-500 => 500)

-New icon for wraithbone armor
-Increased the cost of weapons
-Added new items:
Boss Pole
'Eavy Choppa
Eldar Wings

-Drastically reduced map size by compressing the loading screen image
-Added more explanation to the starting text (creep spawn times, explaining item system)
-Added 100 mana to creeps

-Buffed outposts armor and hp (now have 2000 hp and 10 armor)
-Lowered tower damage
-Rebalanced tower attack speeds (1.5 / 1 / 0.75 )

-Fixed the cooldown of Autarch's Strafing Run at level 1
-Reduced damage on Autarch's Master Strategist (10/20/30/40 => 10/15/20/25)
-Buffed duration on the ministun of Runtherd's Summon Grots (0.01 => 0.05)
-Clarified that Runtherd's Grot Prod is an orb effect

-Increased price of Wraithbone Armor (1000 => 1350)
-Buying more items of a type than allowed now refunds money spent
-Added preview image
-Fixed bug where orks pile up at the imperium side of the middle lane
-Possibly fixed a bug where two players could have the same hero
-Fixed the icon locations when choosing a hero
-Fixed a possible crash involving the Commander
-Fixed creep pathing at middle lane

-Repositioned the fountain area for both teams
-Lowered the base damage for most heros

-Moved the Imperium's bottom outpost back a bit
-Fixed outposts giving the killing team bounty

-Added new items:
Master Crafting
Digital Weapons
Anointed Oils
Sword of secrets
'Uge Choppa
Singing Spear
Lightning Claws
Dual Lightning Claws
Raven's Talons

-fixed the spelling of intelligence in some hero descriptions

-Fixed the spelling of a taunt
-Increased the transport aoe of the Big Mek's Custom Tellyporta
-Added a new hero: Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeench
-Added the Chaos Sorcerer to the item limit trigger

-Changed the layout of the forrest a bit
-Reduced the spawn ammount of captured base outposts (3 melee, 1 ranged => 2 melee)

-Added the Stats skill to the sorcerer
-Changed the Avatar's Emblem of war a bit
-Fixed the Autarchs Surgical Strike to actually work now

-Reduced the spell animation backswing on the librarian (2.450 => .510)
-Increased the base armor on the Big Mek (-1 => 1)

-Changed the icon for Aspect Armor
-Fixed the Dual Lightning Claws recipie to not give the bonuses

-Added new item: Armor of Ulthamar
-Added new item: Artificer Armor
-Added new item: Exarch Armor
-Added new item: Lightning Shield
-Added new item: Adamantine Mantle
-Added new item: Iron Halo

-Changed the name of the Big Mek (gadgitz => Wazdakka Gutzmek)
-Changed the name of the Chaos Sorcerer (Bale Grimtouge => Ahriman)
-Fixed the spelling of classification in all items
-Fixed the spelling of obstacles in the Jet Pack item
-Stoped towers from taunting
-Fixed Digital Weapons to actually give attackspeed

-Farseer's Eldritch Storm now has a max number of bolts instead of a druation (6/9/12)
-Reduced the damage on eldritch storm (100/150/200 singletarget, 50/100/150 aoe damage, total of 150/250/350 singletarget damage)
-Reduced the damage on Farseer's Mindwar (120/160/200/240 => 100/140/280/220)

-Reduced the damage on the Avatar's Wailing Doom (70/140/210/280 => 60/120/180/240)
-Reduced the armor reduction on Wailling Doom (3/4/5/6 => 1/2/3/4)
-Reduced the reflection percentage on the Avatar's Emblem of War (100% => 5/10/15/20 %)

-Warphead's Zzap can no longer target dead units
-Great Harlequin's Harlequin's Kiss can no longer instant kill the Lord of Change
-Reduced the armor gain on the Big Mek's Kustom Forcefield (5/8/11/14 => 3/5/7/9)
-Changed the Runtherd's Summon Grot spell

-Changed the animation on the fountain damage aura
-Reduced the range on towers (700 => 600)
-Changed the color code for orange to a more orange color
-Added an 3 experimental artillary guns in the base, each one fires down one lane.

-Reduced the number of grots summoned from the Runtherd's Summon Grot spell (4/8/12/16 => 5/7/9/11)
-Increased the cooldown for Summon Grots (20 => 30)
-Changed the attack type of Grots (normal => piercing)
-Reduced the ammount of armor given from the Runtherd's Stregnth in Numbers (.25 => .2)

-Reduced the scaling of the Chaos Sorcerer (1 => 0.9)
-Increased the casting range of the Chaos Sorcerer's Heral of Change (175 => 300)
-Increasd the hp of the Lord of Change (1000/1250/1500 => 1250/1500/1750)
-Lowered the duration of the Sorcerer's Bolt of Change (1/2/3/4 => 0.75/1.5/2.25/3)
-Increased the cooldown on Bolt of Change (12 => 18 )

-Increased the Librarian's base armor (0 => 1)
-Increased the range of Psychic hood (700 => 800)

-Changed how the Avatar's Khaine's Wrath works
-Reduced the Armor gain of Bionik Limbs (10/15/20 => 5/10/15)
-Increased the missle speed of the Autarch's Strafing Run (750 => 1000)
-Reduced the overload AoE of the Big Mek's Bigga Generator (300 => 250)

-Added a new item: Warp Jump Generator
-Fixed annointed oils giving 6 strength instead of 5 agility
-Reduced the price of Exarch Armor (2350 => 1000)

-Added a new hero: Asurmen - Hand of Asuryan
-Added a new hero: Khârn the Betrayer - Champion of Khorne
-Fixed spelling of combatist
-Fixed spelling of effect
-Reduced the attack rate of the Artillery Cannons (10 => 15)
-Increased the hp of the Artillery Cannons (1000 => 2500)
-Gave outpost 1 hp regen per second.

-Fixed the Avatars Wrath of Khain spell to work properly on levels 2 and 3
-Gave the Lord of Change Spell Immunity
-Made the Chaos Sorcerer's Firestorm do its damage over 2 seconds instead of 1

-Changed the values of Asurmen's Blade Storm (1.5/2/2.5/3 second duration, and slows for 200 atk speed for 4 seconds after at all levels)
-Reduced the bonus damage given from Asurmen's Shuriken Vambraces (9/18/27/36 % => 7/14/21/28 %)
-Gave Asurmen a missle speed (1000)
-Reduced Asurmen's range (500 => 450)

-Reduced attack cooldown on Artillery Cannons (15 => 12)
-Fixed outpost regeneration to actually work

-Avatar's Wrath of Khain no longer works while he is dead
-Wrath of khain now has a real level cap (100)

-Fixed Asurmen's Bladestorm hotkey in the tooltip
-Fixed the pause before Bladestorm reloads

-Fixed a bug with Kharn's Furious Charge

-Added new hero: Fuegan - Burning Lance
-Added new hero: Lucius the Eternal - Soultheif

-Added new item: Narthecium
-Fixed the Stealth rune to not cost mana
-Renamed Strength rune to Vitality

-Increased the cost of Narthicium

-Increased the decay rate of the Avatar's Wrath of Khaine
-Harlequin's Flip Belt now moves forward instead of backwards
-Lucius' Armor of Shrieking Souls now reduces damage also

-Fixed Lucius' Danse of Slaanesh

-Reconized Gamerisle in the contact list
-Fixed the porjectile launch of the ranged units and the artillery a little

-Updated various tooltips for changes from last version
-Finished changing all hero's spell hotkeys to qwer
-Fixed the hotkey in Fuegan's Armor Expert tooltip

-Outposts now have a 2% healing aura when there are no enemy units within range
-Increased the fountain heal rate (.3% => 5%)
-Increased the fountain damage rate (10% => 20%)

-Reduced the ammount of agility needed to gain 1 armor (10 => 7)
-Redued attackspeed gained from agility (2 => 1)

-General rebalancing of items
-Made the Manashield ability on Armor of Ulthamar toggleable

-Removed base armor on grots (0/1/2/3 => 0)
-Reduced armor bonus from the Runtherd's Strength in Numbers (0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8 => 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4)
-Lowered bounty on grots (10-15 => 5-10)

-Reduced the stack duration of Kharn's Blood for the Blood God (15 => 10)
-Reduced armor gain on Blood for the Blood God (1 => 0.5)

-Redued strength bonus on Fuegan's Fire Axe (5/10/15/20 => 4/8/12/16)
-Reduced damage bonus on Fire Axe (10/20/30/40 => 7/14/21/28 )

-Reduced healing rate of the Outpost (2% => 1%)

-Reduced Kharn's cast point (.3 => .2)

-Reduced Harlequin base damage (15-35 => 15-23)
-Increased manacost on Harlequin's Kiss (120/150/180 => 180/210/240)

-Added a new hero: Typhus - Host of the Destroyer Hive
-Added a new hero: Karandas - Shadow Hunter

-Fixed a tooltip error in Harlequin's Kiss
-Fixed the baracades in the bottom base outpost for orks

-Fixed the leveling of three skills: Typhus's Feel No Pain, Typhus' Destroyer Hive, Karandras' Stealth
-Fixed the Hotkey of Typhus' Manreaper

-Buffed slow on Karandras' Scorpion's Bite (20% => 35%)
-Changed Karandras' Scorpions Bite mechanism (now real melee range, but cant miss)

-Doubled the stack interval on Typhus' Nurgle's Rot (1 => 2)
-Reduced the AoE of Nurgles Rot (500 => 450)
-Lowered the missle speed on Nurgles Rot (1000 => 300)
-Lowered the damage done by Destroyers from Typhus' Destroyer Hive (20-22 => 11-12)
-increased the number of Destroyers spawned from Destroyer Hive (10/20/30 => 15/25/30)
-Lowered Typhus' movespeed (295 => 285)
-Fixed Nurgle's Rot to actually reset the stack

-Changed the decay rate on the Avatar's Wrath of Khaine (5 seconds => 11/8/5 seconds)

-Added a new hero: Necron Lord

-Fixed a tooltip error in We'll Be Back

-Fixed leveling of Necron Lord's Solar Pulse
-Increased Necron Lord's Lightning Field damage (1/2/3/4 % => 2/4/6/8%)

-Added a new hero: Tau Pathfinder

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Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b) Empty Re: Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b)

Post by Grass Hopper on Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:31 pm

-Fixed a couple spelling errors in tooltips and names

-Fixed a bug with solar flare working on allies
-Reduced ingame lag by preloading the skills for Spotter Drone
-Fixed the buff icons on Railgun and Pulse Carbine

-Optomized a few skins and textures to reduce filesize
-Changed the skin on the Dreadnaught to blue

-Added a new command: -repick
-Added a lumber cost to some items, this is the very start of an honor system that i will implement over the next few versions

-Changed the duration on most runes
(energy: 30 => 50; Forucs: 30 => 45; power: 30 => 45; speed: 30 => 45; vitality: 120 => 90)
-Reduced the regen rate on the vitality rune (20 hp/s => 15 hp/s)

-Increased ranged on Tau Pathfinder's Jump Jets (350/350/400/400/450/450 => 500/500/600/600/700/700)
-Pulse carbine now does physical damage instead of magic damage
-Markerlight now shows damage dealt to creeps

-Fixed Karandras' Shadowstrike mechanic to no longer stop the hero when invisibility breaks
-Reduced the range at which Shadowstrike breaks invisibility (600/450/300 => 450/300/150)

-Changed the Farseer's Fortune to an AoE target skill
-Increased the decay rate of the Avatar's Wrath of Khain (11/8/5 => 9/6/3)

-Added a new Warbos' Model and changed the icon
-Changed the Warboss' I Iz Da Biggest! skill
-Fixed Pulse Carbine not working
-Fixed Railgun being able to target allies
-Fixed leavers sharing control
-Fixed shadow strike to work properly
-Removed the "there is no repick" from the starting text

-Relic blade now needs 2 honor

-Increased casting range on Commander's Orbital Bombardment (600 => 800)
-Changed the Harlequin's Dance of Death
-Karandras' Shadowstrike now only counts as being max level when checking for creeps
-Necron Lord's Solar Pulse now reduces acquisision range to 100
-Rebalanced the damage on the Warboss' Mighty Slam (150/200/250/300 => 100/200/300/400)
-Fixed the random command to not load the hero triggers twice
-Fixed the intervals for Eldritch Storm
-Fixed Dance of Death to not continue after the Harlequin dies

-Reduced the armor bonus on Armor of Ulthamar (8 => 7)
-Reduced the armor bonus on Rune Armor (8 => 7)
-Reduced the armor bonus on Wraithbone Armor (7 => 6)

-Added a minimum damage of 30 to Typhus' Feel No Pain

-Made the map bigger
-Fixed the leveling of Spotter Drone's vision
-Fixed the hotkeys of Holofield and Emperor's Might
-Fixed various spellings in tooltips

-Reduced the priority of artillery cannons to 0
-Reduced the attack cooldown of artillery cannons to componsate for the bigger map (12 => 10)

-Made the Necron Lord's We'll Be Back work like it says, and increaed the percentages (5/13/21/29/37/45 % => 10/20/30/40/50/60/ %)
-Made the Necron Lord's Lightning Field a toggleable ability
-Made the Necron Lord's Gaze of Flame affect targeting units with spells or abilities
-Added damage and a slow to the Necron Lord's Veil of Darkness

-Reduced the percentages on the Tau Pathfinder's Markerlight (3/6/9/12% => 3/5/7/9%)
-Reduced the base damage on the Harlequin's Dance of Death (50 => 30)
-Made Fuegan's Firepike deal damage at max range (0% => 25%)
-Increased the duration of Asurmen's Blade Storm(1.5/2/2.5/3 => 2/2.75/3.5/4.25)
-Reduced the duration of the slow of Asurmen's Blade Storm (4 => 3)
-Fixed the possibility to pick an already existing hero after you repick
-Fixed the spawning of the runes in the forrest
-Fixed veil of darkness adding movepseed instead of slowing it
-Fixed the tooltip of Wraithbone Armor

-Cleaned up the artillery cannon code and hopefully fixed the posibility of a server split
-Removed the undead hero disapate effect from the assault marine

-Increased the Aoe on the Tau Pathfinder's Pulse Carbine (200 => 300)
-Increased the values on Lucius' Martial Pride (10/20/30/40 => 15/30/45/60 attackspeed and 4/8/12/16 => 5/10/15/20 % movespeed)

-Removed Artillery Cannons from the base, and hopefully removed the desync problem
-Added imperium and ork controled buildings to their respective bases (this is experimental, and ill decide over a couple versions if i like it, at which point ill change stats)
-Clarified the tooltip of firestorm to include who gets control of the summon
-Added innate abililties to 3 heros:
• Autarch
• Farseer
• Harlequin

-Fixed Furious Charge not ending if either the target or the caster dies
-Fixed the hotkey for Shuriken Vambraces

-Increased the Necron Lord's intelligence gain (1.7 => 2.1)
-Reduced the Necron Lord's strength gain (2.8 => 2.5)

-Reduced the cooldown on the Autarch's Surgical Strike (18 => 16)
-Reduced the interval on the Autarch's Battlefield Intuition (30/25/20/15 => 25/20/15/10)

-Increased the numbers on Lucius' Martial Pride:
• attackspeed (15/30/45/60 => 20/40/60/80)
• movement speed(5/10/15/20 % => 7/14/21/28 %)
-Rebalanced Lucius' Dance of Slaanesh:
• duration (2/3/4 => 1.75/2.25/2.75)
• cooldown (120 => 120/100/80)
• manacost (175/225/275 => 175/200/225)

-Reduced the Damage on the Ahriman's Firestorm (100/200/300/400 => 75/175/275/375)

-Increased the melee creep's collsion size (20 => 25)
-lowered the melee creep's hp (550 => 500)
-lowered the creeps upgrade damage by 1
-reduced melee creep exp bounty by 5
-lowered creep damage by 2
-increased the seige creeps armor by 1 and hp by 300

-added a hardened skin ability to outposts so heros can only do a max of 90 damage
-changed how outposts are captured:
(=> when first destroyed they give the killer honor and gold, and become neutral. when the neutral outpost is killed, it becomes alligned to the killers team, and their team gets 100 gold each, and the killer gains one honor.)
-added splash damage to the first outposts and the base towers, but lowered their attack speed.
-added 1000 hp and 10 armor to the base towers.

-Reduced the duraion of the Energy Rune (50 => 40)
-Reduced the dmg on the Power rune (200% => 100%)
-Made the Vitality rune and Focus rune work even if the users hp/mana is full
-Reduced the attackspeed bonus on the Energy rune to not cause bugs with heros with high attackspeed (9999999% => 500%)

-added a 30 second timer after the main building is destroyed before the game ends.
-added minimap icons for the neutral creeps
-fixed being able to buyback from enemy taverns
-potentially fixed the multiple hero issue

-removed the honor cost from power weapons and big choppas, but increased the cost on the higher end items
-removed the purchasable potions from the voodo lounge and arcane sanctum
-buffed armor of ulthamar's manashield (1 damage per mana => 2 damage per mana)
-fixed getting to much money from aspect armor when its not purchasable
-renamed eldar wings ( => swooping hawk wings)
-Moved the imperium's second bottom outpost down to fix creep pathing
-fixed the position of the ork's second bottom outpost's towers

-Renamed the Librarian (Honarius => Varro Tigurius)
-clarified the targets and ranges on the Librarian's Fear of the Darkness
-buffed the Librarian's Intelligence gain (2.35 => 2.5)
-Increased the missle speed on Fury of the Ancients' storm bolt
-Increased the aoe on Psychic hood (800 => 1000)
-Lowered the damage on Fury of the Ancients (100/175/250/325 => 90/155/220/285)

-Increased the manacost Harlequin's Harlequin's Kiss (180/210/230 => 200/225/250)
-Fixed Harlequin's Kiss damaging buildings
-Lowered the Harlequin's movespeed (325 => 310)
-Lowered the Damage based on strength for Dance of Death (1/1.25/1.5/1.75 => 0.75/1/1.25/1.5)
-Made Holofield mirror the Harlequin's movement orders

-Increased the duration of Kharn's Blood for the Blood God! (10 => 15)
-Reduced the bonus damage on Gorechild (10/20/30/40 => 10/17/24/31)
-Increased the movement speed bonus on Mark of Khorne (now 5/8/11/14/17/20%)
-Included stun dodging in the tooltip of Furious Charge
-Gave vision of the target of Furious Charge (might not work, i coudlnt test it in singleplayer)
-Blood for the Blood God! now properly detects when a hero is killed
-Fixed a bug with furious charge continuing after death if it was level 1

-Rescaled the Mad Dok's Da Kooky Juice (allies: 1.5/1.25/1 => 1.2/1/0.8 // enemies: 1/1.5/2 => 1.3/1.65/2)
-Increased the damage loss on Toxins (20/30/40/50% => 50/60/70/80%)
-Fixed a small bug with Kaboom! targets not exploding

-Changed the Farseer's name (Ty'riel => Taldeer)
-Clarified the tooltip of the Farseer's Mind War
-Made Doom have a constant cooldown (20/19/18/17 => 20)
-Fixed a cooldown tooltip error in Eldritch Storm

-The Runtherder's Grot Shield no longer works on grots
-Lowered the base damage of grots(5-10/10-15/15-20/20-25 => 5-12/7-14/9-16/11-18)
-Added the Ghost ability to Grots

-Lowered the minimum damage on Typhus' Feel No Pain (30 => 22/18/14/10)
-Reduced the interval on Nurgle's Rot (2 => 1.5)
-Increased Typhus' Base Armor (1 => 4)
-Reduced the damage of the destroyers in Destroyer Hive (11-12 => 9-10)

-Reduced the damage aoe on the Autarch's Surgical Strike (300 => 250)
-Increased the speed of Surgical Strike (1000 => 1250)
-Increased the manacost of Surgical Strike (85/95/105/115 => 95/115/135/155)
-Reduced the Damage on Surgical Strike (100/175/250/325 => 100/160/220/280)
-Aded 10 base damage to the Autarch
-Lowered the aoe around the target for Strafing Run (200 => 150)
-Changed the Strafing Run missle
-Fixed surgical strike to slow the stated ammount
-Fixed a bug where single out wouldnt deal damage

-Increased the chance to critical on Asurmen's Sword of Asur (15% => 20%)
-Added a short ranged jump to Sword of Asur
-Fixed a hotkey error in Defend

-Lowered the Aoe on the Pathfinder's Pulse Carbine (300 => 225)
-Increasd the range on Jump Jets (500/500/600/600/700/700 => 700/700/850/850/1000/1000
-Increased the aqcuisition range when the Pathfinder levels up Spotter Drone

-Changed how the Warphead's Zzap chooses targets
-Fixed the Aoe on 'Ere We Go!

-Added a small self only damage aura to Karandra's Scorpion's Claw (5/10/15/20%)
-Bitting blade now adds agility as well as attackspeed
-Increased the movement speed bonus of Stalker
-Shadow strike is now only 3% visible all the time, instead of gradually becoming more visible

-Added some Damage limits to the Avatar's Wailing Doom and Emblem of war (wont deal dmg if its less than 2. and wont deal damage if its more than 200/6000)
-Fixed the Wrath of Khaine's bonuses not going away at levels 2 and 3

-The Necron Lord's Solar Pulse now reduces acquisition range to 0, and stops units that are affected for the first time
-Removed the damage animation on Veil of Darkness to clear up alot of lag
-Solar pulse should now work on both teams, and shouldnt reveal the map anymore (dont know for sure, as i cant test this in single player)

-Changed the Chapter Master's name (Davian Thule => Cato Sicarius)
-Fixed a hotkey error in the Honor guard tooltip

-Lowered the bonuses of Martial Pride (attackspeed: 20/40/60/80 => 15/30/45/60 // movespeed: now 5/9/13/17%)
-Increased the scaling size of the Warboss' I Iz Da Biggest! (0.3 => 0.6)
-Reworked the Big Mek's Bigga Generator:
=> now regens total mana equal to half the mek's int for allies, and burns mana for enemies. overload occurs when enemies mana reaches 0, or allies reaches full, and overload affects both allies and enemies all the time
-Added a 250 gold requirement to the -repick command (doesnt cost gold, but makes sure that you have enough to buy another hero)
-Added a 2 minute time limit to the -repick command

-Fixed a spelling error on the Raven's Talons

-Added an innate to the Runtherd
-Reduced the ammount of Grots summoned from the Summon Grot spell (5/7/9/11 => 5/6/7/Cool

-Reduced the Manacost on Fuegan's Armor Expert (50/60/70/80 => 50)
-Increased the manacost on Firepike (now 110/135/140/155)

-Fixed the tooltip of the Necron Lord's Lightning Field
-Looked into and (hopefully) fixed Solar Pulse

-Reduced the degen rate of the Avatar's Khaine's Wrath (9/6/3 => 6/4/2)
-Fixed a tooltip error in Khaine's Wrath, it now displays the correct ammount of regen granted

-Changed the Warboss' voice set
-Added an innate to the Warboss

-Increased the damage on the Pathfinder's Railgun and reduced the channel time (300/375/450 => 350/425/500 damage; 5/4/3 => 3.5/3/2 channel time)
-Fixed the tooltip on Asurmen's Sword of Asur
-Fixed the damage in the tooltip of the Autarch's Surgical Strike
-Fixed the -repick command so it works again
-added 75 base hp to all heros
-fixed some lag with the Warboss' innate
-fixed a bug with the Avatar's Khaine's Wrath
-fixed the Necron Lord's Gaze of Flame working on allies

-reduced the exp bounty on grots by 10

-Added a new hero: Brother-Captain Stern - Grand Master

-Fixed the Pathfinder's Railgun, it now works properly

-Increased the life %'s on the Necron Lord's We'll Be Back!

-Fixed a bug with buying items that cant be carried.
-Fixed the -matchup command to work on leaver heros (wasnt tested)
-Fixed the spawn interval on the forrest runes
-Tower splash no longer hurts allies

-Starting gold is now detemermined by the ammount of players on your team (4200/players, and the imperium/ork team counts as a player)
-Leavers now split their gold with the team when they leave, and also split any gold gained after leaving (from killing, or selling items)
-Heavily decluttered the forrest
-The number of creeps spawned no longer increases over time
-Increased the spawn interval on outposts (30 => 40)
-Widened the entrance to most outposts
-Increased the splash Aoe on the base outposts' towers
-Added a gold bounty to the base buildings, and added proper names

-Fixed the revive %'s on the Necron Lord's We'll Be Back
-Rebalanced the revive %'s on We'll Be Back (10/20/30/40/50/60% => 25/30/35/40/45/50%)
-Solar Pulse now properly disables auto attack

-The Avatar's color now properly resets when changed
-Increased the initial damage on Wailing Doom (60/120/180/240 => 70/140/210/280)
-Lowered the movement damage on Wailing Doom (30/40/50/60% => 30/35/40/45%)
-Rebalanced the decay progression of Wrath of Khaine (6/4/2 => 8/4/2)
-Reduced the Avatar's movespeed (310 => 300)

-Fixed the buff on the Grand Master's Rights of Exorcism
-Fixed the Grand Master not giving honor when killed
-Reduced the Grand Master's scaling size
-Reduced the drain on Rights of Exorcism, but increased the range at higher levels (1/2/3/4% => 1/2/2/3%; 400 aoe => 400/400/500/500 aoe)
-Increased the Grand Master's movespeed (290 => 305)
-Nemasis Force Weapon now properly stuns the target untill hit
-Holocaust now slows enemies in a 600 aoe

-Added an innate to the Big Mek
-Lowered the Big Mek's Starting Strength (23 => 22)
-Increased the Big Mek's Intelegence and gain (23 => 24; 2.5 => 2.55)

-Decreased the evasion on the Great Harlequin's Holofield (11/19/27/35% => 9/15/21/27%)
-Decreased the range on Dance of Death (900 => 750)
-The holofield blur effect should mirror the Harlequin's attack commands now

-Reduced Fuegan's strength gain (2.1 => 2)
-Increased Fuegan's Agility gain (2.1 => 2.2)
-Reduced Fuegan's inteligence gain (1.8 => 1.6)

-Added an innate to the Warphead
-Fixed the movespeed boost in Kharn's Furious Chage tooltip
-Fixed the cooldown in Asurmen's Sword of Asur tooltip

-Added a new hero: An'ggrath the Unbound - Bloodthirster of Khorne
-Fixed a gold bug with leaver heros
-Added a revive timer window

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Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b) Empty Re: Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b)

Post by Grass Hopper on Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:55 pm

-Fixed a couple tooltip spelling errors

-Rehauled the items (new shops, changed some old items, added a bunch of new items)

-Fixed a bug with the Grand Master's The Aegis not cooling down
-Fixed Nemasis Force Weapon stuning the target untill hit
-Fixed the slow on level 3 Holocaust
-Fully implemented The Shrouding

-General lowering of the manacosts on the Bloodthirsters spells
-Clarified the Bloodthirsters maximum mana

-The Warphead's critical spells now refill 20% of his max mana
-Increased the cooldown on Zzap (16/14/12/10 => 16/15/14/13)
-Increased the manacost on Zzap (90 => 90/100/110/120)
-Lowered the range on Zzap (2000 => 1000)
-Zzap forks can no longer hit the same target more than once
-Rebalanced the damage on Zzap (150240/330/420 => 120/240/360/480)
-Zzap forks now deal half the inital damage to 6 targets, which bounce to do 1/4 of the inital damage to 6 other targets.

-Increased the %'s on the Pathfinders Markerlight (3/5/7/9% => 4/6/8/10%)
-Increased the range bonus on Spotter Dron (60/120/180/240 => 70/140/210/280)

-Reduced the damage on Typhus' Manreaper (10/20/30/40 => 5/10/15/20)
-Increased the cleave % on Typhus' Manreaper (15/25/35/45% => 20/30/40/50%)

-Lowered the cooldown on the Big Mek's Shokk Attak Gun (15/14/13/12/11/10 => 10/9/8/7/6/5)
-Reduced the duration on the Mad Dok's Toxins (3/4/5/6 => 3/3.5/4/4.5)
-Clarified the damage interval on the Farseer's Mind War
-Fixed a tooltip error in the Avatar's Khain's Wrath
-Removed the wall of text description at the start, but put it into the quest menu for easier access
-Added a swap command
-Heros now have a chance to say a taunt when they kill a unit (100% for now, will change that in the next version)
-Removed the Magic Sentry skill from the inside the base tower buildings

-Triggered spell damage now does the correct 75% damage against heros
-The bottom imperial outpost no longer spawns dreadnaughts
-Fixed some spelling errors

-Reduced the manacost of the shield spell on Terminator Armor (120 => 60)
-Reduced the manacost on Deepstrike on Swooping Hawk Wings (150 => 70)
-The Barrage ability on Combat Drugs only deals the bonus damage dealt to the user
-Lowered the total heal and increased the duration on Medications (200 heal => 160 heal, 16 duration => 23 duration)
-Lowered the total mana heal on Mind Stabalizers (300 => 150)
-'Evy Choppa now gives the bonuses it says it does
-Updated the Armor of Ulthamar tooltip

-Lowered the manacost on the Harlequin's Harlequin's Kiss (190/210/230 => 140/165/190)
-Increased the cooldown on Harlequin's Kiss (6 => 20/18/16)
-Changed Dance of Death damage (30 + .75/1/1.25/1.5x str => 30/50/70/90 + 1x str)
-Dance of Death now displays the correct ammount of jumps

-The Bloodthister's Collar of Khorne now has feedback protection
-Increased the Bloodthirsters movespeed (290 => 305)
-Increased the duration on Goreflight's slow (3 => 6)
-The mana increase on attacking now only works on enemy units
-Reduced the Bloodthirsters manaloss (1 => 0.4)

-Increased the vision on Tau Pathfinder's Spotter Drone (550/700/850/100 => 800/1200/1400/1800/)
-Increased the cooldown on Railgun (20 => 25)

-Reduced the damage on the Chapter Master's Frag Grenades (total damage is now 75/125/175/225)
-Reduced the manacost on Fratg Grendades (90/95/100/105 => 75/80/85/90)
-Reduced the cooldown on Frag Grenades (10/8/6/4 => 7/6/5/4)
-Changed the Honor Guard skill

-Fixed the delay on the Autarch's Surgical Strike
-The Warboss' Orks Iz Fer Killin now gives tripple bonus on hero kills
-The Grand Master's Shrouding no longer works while he is dead
-The Necron Lord's Veil of Darkness no longer transports shops
-Lowered ZZap secondary damage (50% => 33%)

-Removed the Chaos Sorcerer, but replaced it with a very similar Lord of Change
-Added a new hero: Zoanthrope (needs a name)

-Added a new item: Mark of Khorne
-Added a new item: Mark of Nurgle
-Added a new item: Mark of Slaanesh
-Added a new item: Mark of Tzeench
-Increased the exp gain from melee creeps by 5

-Fixed the hero taunts, and gave them an actual chance to trigger
-Added more blue in the light blue taunt color

-Reduced the armor bonus on Mark of Nurgle (2 => 1)

-Increased the manacost on the Zoanthrope's Psychic Scream (110/135/160/185 => 135/160/185/210)
-Increased the cooldown on Psyhcic Scream (22 => 26)
-Lowered the damage on Catalyst (inital: 300/380/460 => 260/340/420; per unit: 45/60/75 => 30/45/60)
-Increased the cooldown on Catalyst (150 => 170/160/150)

-Reduced the duration on Kharne's Blood for the Blood God! (15 => 10)
-The Runtherd's Summon Grots now summons the correct ammount of Grots
-The Warphead's Zzap tooltip now properly displays the correct range
-Added an Assist system (if a hero dies, all enemy heros that dealt damage to that hero in the last 10 seconds, gain one assist. every 4 assists you gain 1 honor)
-Fixed the -repick command being usable more than once
-Improved the -swap code
-Possibly cleaned up some late game performance issues
-Devided the Human and Ork taverns into 6 seperate taverns: Forces of Order, Forces of the Imperium, Eldar Forces, Forces of Disorder, Forces of Chaos, Orkish Forces

-Moved the outpost towers inward, to the corners of the outposts.
-Towers now deal piercing damage
-Lowered the damage on the first outpost's towers
-Added a small splash to the first outpost's towers

-Fixed the missle launch hight on Shoota Boys
-The light blue hero taunt is now more light blue
-Hero deny taunts are now properly shown

-Increased the cost and changed some of the recipie requirements on the high tier weapons
-Increased the duration of Mind Stabalizers (10 => 20)
-Melee manaburn items now work properly
-Swooping Hawk Wings now take the hero off the screen while deepstriking

-The Zoanthrope's Warp Blast tooltip now states the correct damage dealt
-Decreased the damage on Psychic Scream (120/200/280/360 => 105/170/235/300)
-Fixed Catalyst to not deal the inital large damage for each nearby unit.

-Increased the cooldown on the Pathfinder's Railgun (25 => 35)
-Increased the manacost on Railgun (175/250/325 => 225/315/405)
-Rebalanced the %'s on Markerlight (4/6/8/10% => 4.5/6/7.5/9%)

-Increased the slow on Karandras' Scorpion's Bite (35% => 40%)
-Increased the duration onScorpion's Bite (4 =>6 seconds)
-Added bonus damge based on agility to Shadow Strike while Karandras has the movespeed buff

-Reduced the attackspeed slow on Asurmen's Defend (20/40/60/80% => 20/35/50/65%)
-Fixed Asurmen's healthbar, it is now properly over his head instead of high in the air (no i can't fix the hp bar on the dreadnaught, due to the reasons why it's hp bar is so high)
-Asurmen is now properly blue, and no longer tinted

-Reduced the damage on the Harlequin's Harlequin's Kiss (250/375/500 => 250/325/400)
-Increased the duration on Harlequin's Kiss' stun (1.25 => 2)

-Fixed the Warboss' Mighty Slam to do the correct damage at all levels
-Mighty Slam now deals damage over a shorter period of time (1 => .8 seconds)

-Reduced the heal % on Typhus' Destroyer Hive (100% => 50% damage healed)
-Increased the base armor on the Lord of Change (0 => 3)
-Made the Autarch an Agility Hero

-Added a new hero: Rakel - Sanctioned Psyker
-Added a new hero: Lelith Hesperax - Mistress of Death
-Moved the Grand Master to the Forces of Order tavern
-Changed toe neutral placeholder creeps in the forrest due to popular demand
-Added proper attachment points to the Autarch, and the lane Space Marines
-Fixed a couple spelling errors

-Singing spear now combines with properly

-Mistress of Death now has her proper quotes, and the Zoanthrope no longer has her quotes
-Animus Vitae now levels properly
-Deathstrike no longer randomly cancels around base buildings

-The Sanctioned Psyker's Psychic Lash now breaks if the target moves out of 800 range
-Psychic Lash can no longer target allies

-Mad Doc is now ranged
-Toxins now work properly with Kaboom!

-Increased the manaloss on the Bloodthirsters Fury of Khorne (.4 => .6)
-Lowered the inital damage on the Harlequin's Dance of Death (30/50/70/90 => 15/25/35/45)
-Forrest creeps now respawn after 2 minutes
-Forrest creeps now five 3x the bounty
-Disabled resource trading

-Added an -unstuck command (incase your hero gets stuck somewhere, like from warhead's 'Ere We Go! and certain other abilities)
-Potentially fixed the bug where an already picked and then repicked hero could be randomed again

-The active ability on Phoenix Lord Armor and Terminator Armor no longer requires a target
-The Deepstrike ability on Swooping Hawk Wings now has a 3 second channeling time before activated, instead of a 2 second casting time (stuns cancel the jump)
-Lowered the damage blocked per mana on the Armor of Ulthamar's Mana Shield (1.5 => 1)
-Manashield now only blocks 80% of the damage
-Lowered the damage block on the Terminator Armor's Block skill (500 => 350)
-Increased the cooldown on the Block Skill (35 => 45)
-Increased the cost on the Mark of Chaos Undevided (200 => 350)

-Lowered the damage on the Sanctioned Psyker's Lightning Arc (125/175/225/275 => 125/155/185/215)
-Lowered the cooldown on Lightning Arc (9/8/7/6 => 8/7/6/5)
-Lowered the manaburn on Psychic Lash (10% => 6%)
-Psychic Lash now slows properly

-Reduced the %'s on markerlight (4.5/6/7.5/9% => 4/5/6/7%)
-Reduced flying vision on Spotter Drone (600/100/1400/1800 => 700/100/1300/1600(day); 300/600/900/1200(night))
-Increased the AoE on Pulse Carbine (225 => 250)

-Lowered the agility bonus damage on Karandras' Shadow Strike (1/1.25/1.5 => 1/1.1/1.2)
-Added a short cooldown to Shadow Strike (0 => 5)
-Clarified Shadow Strike's tooltip
-Fixed a bug where Karandras would lose agility from Biting Blade

-Lowered the cooldown on the Necron Lord's Gaze of Flame (15/12/9/6 => 10/8/6/4)
-Clarified Gaze of Flame's tooltip

-Increased the damage on the Big Mek's Shokk Attak Gun (20/25/30/35/40/45% => 30/40/50/60/70/80% of current life)
-Shokk Attak Gun now knock backs the target slightly towards the big mek

-Changed how the Grand Master's Holocaust works (30 explosions at all levels, holocaust and explosion aoe increase per level)
-Made the Autarch an Intelligence hero again
-Lowered the aoe on Typhus' Manreaper cleave (300 => 200)
-Made the Zoanthrope's Warp Blast knockback faster
-Lowered the extra damage taken on the Mistress of Death's Gruesom Talismens illusions (300% => 200%)

-Added a new game mode: -ar (all random)
-Added a new game mode: -nc (no creeps => normal lane creeps dont spawn, and the forrest creeps respawn faster)
-Fixed a bug that caused the random functions to sometimes crash the game
-Fixed a bug with -switch not properly changing with leavers
-Fixed a bug with -switch not working for the Ork team
-Fixed a bug with Swooping Hawk Wings, they now work properly
-Fixed a bug with Typhus' Nurgle's Rot
-Updated the map for the 1.24 patch, and in doing so, fixed some poorly written code, and fixed up a few things regarding map performance

-Trees now respawn every 5 minutes
-Reduced the exp bounty on melee creeps by 5
-Increased the exp bounty on all creeps by 1
-Fixed the -switch command, it should now be working properly without any (really major) bugs
-Fixed randoming from not disabling the randomed hero

-Fixed the tooltip on Armor of Ulthamar's Manashield

-Reduced Asurmen's starting strength (18 => 16)
-Reduced Asurmen's inteligence gain (1.8 => 1.5)
-Reduced the duration on Blade Storm (2/2.75/3.5/4.25 => 2/2.55/3.1/3.65)
-Reduced the slow after Blade Storm (3 => 2 seconds)

-Added some cosmetic effects to Lucius' Lash of Torment
-Gave Lucius a new model

-Reduced the Aoe on the Grey Knight Grand Master's Rights of Exorcism (400/400/500/500 => 300/300/400/400)
-Removed the cross effect from the Necron Lord's We'll Be Back
-The Chapter Master's Orbital Bombardment's inital damage now hurts buildings (0 => 25%)

-Added a new hero: Celestine - Living Saint
-Added a new hero: Zarakynel, Bringer of Torments - Keeper of Secrets

-Remade Typhus:
Winds of Chaos
Reduced Cooldown (10 => 3)
Reduced manacost (60 => 20)
Reduced damage (70/110/150/190/230/270 => 21/22/45/57/69/81)
Now affects targets with Nurgle's Rot

Feel No Pain
Is now toggleable
while active, typhus compltly ignores all damage, but will have it dealt to him after a time

Nurgles Rot
Is now toggleable
Now deals damage to typhus as if he were being targeted by it (does not aflict him with the slow/armor reduction)
Improved the release rate (1.5 => 0.25 seconds)
Improved the missle speed (300 => 315)

Remains unchanged

Destroyer Hive
Destroyers now return hp to Typhus after they have stored 50 damage, instead of at the end of the spell (still only heals 50% of damage stored)
-Fixed some errors in starting gold calculation
-Fixed the revive timer window not disaperaing when your hero is bought back
-Fixed Players who arent playing from appearing in assist messages
-Added hero specific taunt sounds when heros get double kills

-Reduced the gold bounty on forrest creeps
-Increased the damage on forrest creeps
-Increased the hp on forrest creeps

-Fixed alot more bugs causes switch to not work as intended (kill message color, outpsots for wrong team, not counting switched players, not gaining control of leavers)

-Mark of Slaanesh now gives a 3% non stacking speed buff, but lost its 25% increased attackspeed
-Mark of Khorn now givs 15% attackspeed

-Increased Saint Celestine's Ardent Blade's damage (100/180/260/320 => 100/190/280/370)
-Changed ardent Blade damage type from normal to hero
-Fixed some calculation errors at certain angles for Ardent Blade
-Increased the cooldown on Miraculous Intervention (300/250/200 => 300/275/250)

-Gave Keeper of Secrets new skillset icons
-Added the orb effect warning to Soulstealer's Sword
-Fixed the buff on Aura of Acquiessence
-Increased the duration of Soulstealer's Sword (4 => 9)
-Reduced the duration on Warptime (10/12/14 => 6/8/10)
-Improved the Keeper of Secrets cast point (0.470 => 0.270)
-Lowered the Keeper of Secrets' strength per level (2.45 => 2.25)
-Lowered the Keeper of Secrets' agility per level (2.3 => 2.15)
-Increased the Keeper of Secrets' inteligence per level (1.5 => 1.65)
-Lowered the Keeper of Secrets starting agility (26 => 24)

-Removed the passive +damage on Fuegan's Fire Axe
-Gave Fire Axe a melee range phoenix fire attack

-Remade Asurmen's Shuriken vambraces
-Fixed the leveling of Shuriken Vambraces

-The first tick of Typhus' Nurgle's Rot now places the correct stack
-Reduced the damage interval on Nurgle's Rot (1 => .25; total damage remains the same)
-Clarified the damage stacking in Nurgle's Rot tooltip
-Winds of Chaos now places additional stacks of Nurgle's Rot (1 => 1/2/3/4/5/6)
-Increased the delay on Feel No Pain (2.5/3/3.5/4 => 3.5/4/4.5/5)
-Fixed the hotkey in Feel No Pain's tooltip
-Increased Typhus' strength per level (2.7 => 3)
-Reduced Typhus' agility per level (1.4 => 1.3)
-Reduced Typhus' intelligence per level (1.6 => 1.45)
-Increased Typhus' staring agility (13 => 14)

-Lowered the passive damage on Kharn's Gorechild (10/17/24/31 => 9/15/21/27)
-Lowered the critical hit chance on Gorechild (10/15/20/25% => 10/14/18/22%)
-Lowered Gorchilds damage multiplier (2x => 1.85x)
-Remade Blessing of the Blood God

-Fixed the Mistress of Death's Deathstrike from lasting forever if the target dies by giving it a 10 second duration (this shouldnt affect gameplay at all, just removing a bug)
-The Grand Master no longer turns invisible after beging picked
-The Avatar now properly stays his orange color
-Removed the command aura effect from Karandras' Scorpion's Claw
-Changed the Autarch's Strafing Run damage type from mixed to hero
-Fixed the Lord of Change's Terror
-Reduced the slow on the Chapter Master's Fragmentation Grenade (35% => 20%)

-Added an innate to the Librarian
-Added a new hero: Chaplain Ortan Casius - Master of Sanctity
-Fixed some crashes involving neutral creeps
-Fixed some more bugs related to switch
-Fixed leavers not giving control when they leave
-hopefully fixed picking/randoming the same hero at the same time
-Fixed the hp bar on the dreadnaughts

-Fixed/optomized some code involving 'jump' skills that have effects at the end
-Changed the way the triggered damage reduction in the map works, to avoid healing damage when affected by multiple reduction/invincibility skills

-Increased the interval of time for getting double kills (15 => 30)
-Added double kill taunt sounds to: kharn, karandras, asurmen and fuegan.
-Honor is gained every 5 assits instead of every 4

-Fixed Sword of Secrets not requiring the Bio-mechanical limb
-Increased the honor cost on some high-tier items
-Reduced the duration of the Phoenix Lord Armor's Eternal Warrior (5 => 3.5)

-Reduced the damage bonus on the Chaplain's Death Before Dishonor (4/6/8/10% => 4/5/6/7%)
-Reduced the attackspeed bonus on Death Before Dishonor (5/7/9/11% => 6/7/8/9%)
-Removed the not dying effect from Word of the Emperor
-Increased the damage reduction on Word of the Emperor (50/60/70% => 60/70/80%)
-Increased the duration on Word of the Emperor (6/8/10 => 7/9/11)
-Increased the Aoe on Word of the Emperor (400 => 450)

-Increased the Mistress of Death's strength gain (2 => 2.3)
-Increased the Mistress of Death's agility gain (2.75 => 3.1)
-Increased the Mistress of Death's inteligence gain (1.55 => 1.85)
-Added a -kill command to kill illusions
-Deathstrike now gives vision of its target

-Reduced the attackspeed bonus on the Librarian's Familiar (10/16/22/28/34/40% => 10/14/18/22/26/30%)
-Reduced the range of the attackspeed bonus for Familiar (900 => 400)

-Reduced the range on the Keeper of Secrets' Aura of Acquiessence (250/300/350/400 => 250/275/300/325)
-Gave the Grey Knight Grand Master a new model
-The Necron Lord's Gaze of Flame now pauses units for a short duration instead of giving a stop order
-Lowered the cooldown on Typhus' Winds of Chaos (3 => 2)
-Reduced the damage on Asurmen's Shuriken Vambraces (15/19/23/27 => 10/13/16/19)
-Fixed the transperancy on the Avatar
-Increaed the Warboss' intelligence (13 => 17)
-Fixed the -random command breaking hero selection
-Fixed first blood sounds from playing on suacides/teamkills/neutral kills
-Fixed leavers not giving gold to their team
-Dreadnaughts no longer spawn from the imperial bottom outpost

-Halved the acquisition range on the forrest creeps.

-Reduced the manadrain on the Grey Knight's Rights of Exorcism (1/2/2/3% => 1/1/2/2%)
-Improved the leveling of Rights of Exorcism's Aoe (300/300/400/400 => 300/350/350/400)

-Made Asurmens Defend a melee only skill
-Added a damage cap to the Big Mek's Shokk Attak Gun (0 => 250/325/400/475/550/625)
-Fixed the Necron Lord's Solar Pulse not returning shared vision
-The Bloodthirster's Goreflight now properly deals damage and slows at the end
-The Sanctioned Psyker's Psychic Lash is no longer castable on allies at level 4
-Added a new mode: -ab(autobalance) that balances teams when people leave
-Leavers give 40% less gold and experience
-Increased the amount of agility needed to gain 1 armor (7 => 10)
-Heroes now give 250 + 15*their level as gold bounty
-Added some attack sounds to the Assault Marines

-Reduced the amount of assists that gives 1 honor (5 => 3)
-Added Permanent Stat boosters for an honor cost
-Added hireables
-Added purchasable creep upgrades

-Dummy units no longer pause the healing aura of outposts
-The first outpost’s towers no longer damage allies
-Captured outposts now spawn with hp equal to the damage dealt by the capturing team
-Dreadnaughts now spawn from the Imperium’s bottom lane

-Fixed a couple tooltip errors
-Included the innate info in guide and single out

-Mark of Tzeench now gives a non-stackable 1 mana per second
-Mark of Nurgle now gives a non-stackable 2 armor
-Raven’s Talons now gives a 20% chance to rend the opponent, but lost lifesteal
-Reduced the strength bonus on Bionics (10 => 6)
-Reduced the recipe cost on Bionics (600 => 450)
-Increased the duration on Skull Probes (3 => 6 minutes)
-Increased the cost of Stim Packs (1000 => 1500)
-Increased the honor given by Terminator Honors (1 => 2)
-Increased the spell block on Terminator Armor (350 => 425)
-Reduced the damage on Lightning Claws (20 => 15)
-Renamed Lightning shield to Storm Shield
-Added a new item: Carrier Squig (has an inventory)
-Item pooling is now disabled, but can be reactivated with the –pm(pooling mode) game mode
-Can no longer teamkill items

-The Zoanthrope’s Warp Blast now stacks an infinite amount of times
-Lowered Warp Blast damage (70/110/150/190 => 65/80/95/105)
-Increased the speed on Psychic Scream
-Increased the Aoe on Psychic Scream (600 => 670)
-Gave the Zoanthrope a new model

-Reduced the bonus agility damage on Karandras’ Shadow Strike (1/1.1/1.2 => 0.5/0.65/0.8 )
-Shadow Strike no longer gives the speed buff and bonus damage if activated with enemies nearby
-Increased the cooldown on Shadow Strike (5 => 10)
-Removed the bonus damage % from Scorpions Claw
-Added the aoe in the Stalker tooltip

-Lucius’ Martial Pride no longer activates on allies
-Added a short stun based on distance to doomsiren
-Added a sound effect when doomsiren hits an enemy
-Slowed down the jumping animation on Dance of Slaanesh (has no impact on the skills effects)
-Dance of Slaanesh now switches to a random nearby hero if the target is killed
-Fixed the attachment points on Lucius

-Reduced the number of jumps on the Harlequin’s Dance of Death (3/4/5/6 => 2/3/4/5)
-Reduced the damage based on strength on Dance of Death (1 => 0.85)
-Reduced the attackspeed bonus on Fleet of Foot (10/18/26/34/42/50% => 10/14/18/22/26/30%)
-Reduced the movespeed bonus on Fleet of Foot (3/5/7/9/11/13% => 4/5/6/7/8/9%)
-Reduced the stun duration on Harlequin’s Kiss (2 => 1/1.25/1.5)
-Increased the manacost on Harlequin’s Kiss (150/170/190 => 160/190/220)
-Increased the cooldown on Harlequin’s Kiss (20/18/16 => 35/30/25)
-Reduced the Harlequin’s movespeed (310 => 300)

-Added a movepseed and attackspeed boost to the Keeper of Secrets’ Warptime
-Reduced the attackspeed slow on Aura of Acquiessence (10/20/30/40% => 10/15/20/25%)

-Reduced the movespeed bonus in the Bloodthirster’s Fury of Khorne (.3/.6/.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 => .2/.4/.6/.8/1/1.2%)
-Reduced the attackspeed bonus in Fury of Khorne (1/2/3/4/5/6 => .75/1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5%)

-The Autarch’s Strafing Run now targets random enemies if there are no marked targets
-The Autarch’s tooltip now properly displays his main attribute (agility => intelligence)

-Included the maximum damage in the Big Mek’s Shokk Attak Gun tooltip
-Fixed Shokk Attak Gun, it now works as it should

-Added an innate to the Captain
-Gave the Captain a new model
-Renamed the Captain (=> Captain Cato Sicarius – Master of the Watch)

-The Grey Knight’s Aegis now costs a % of the Knights max mana instead of the spells manacost
-Changed the damage effects on the Necron Lord’s Veil of Darkness (should remove the bugs that prevented him from using stealth runes, and damaging the ‘mid map’ point)
-Typhus’ Feel No Pain now returns magic damage (hero => magic)
-Reduced the mana per second cost on Kharn’s Blessing of the Blood God (15/19/23/27 => 10/14/18/22)
-The Warphead’s Zzap now has an extra 2 bolts when it criticals
-Added a level cap to the Mad Doc’s Kaboom! (max level of 6 – doesn’t affect the large neutral creeps)
-Remade the Far Seer’s Mind War:
Ability Type: Acitve: Channeling damage over time.
Targets: Unit: Enemy organic units.
Range: 700.
Duration: 8 Seconds.

The Farseer reaches out and attempts to destroy her enemy's mind. Every two seconds, as long as the farseer remains within 800 range, the target will take damage, and lose inteligence equal to half the difference in the Farseer's and the target's intelligence. The shock of the struggle for their mind weakens the target, slowing attackspeed by 20% and movespeed by 30%. The damage and intelligence loss ends if the Farseer attacks or casts a spell.

Level 1 - 60 + 0.9x intelligence in damage.
Level 2 - 80 + 1.05x intelligence in damage.
Level 3 - 100 + 1.2x intelligence in damage.
Level 4 - 120 + 1.35x intelligence in damage.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.
Manacost: 100/125/150/175 mana.

-Added a new hero: Old One Eye – Carnifex
-Remade the Avatar of Khain:
God of Murder:
Ability Type: Active: Unit Sacrifice
Targets: Units: Non-Hero Units.
Duration: 20 Seconds.

Khaela Mensha Khaine, the Eldar bloody handed God of murder is embodied by the Avatar, and the it must sedate the God's will to murder. The Avatar kills the targeted creep, regaining 15% of the target's max hp over the next two seconds, and 11% damage and 4% movement speed for the duration. Additional casts will stack the effects and renew the duration.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Wailing Doom:
Ability Type: Active: Damage, Armor Loss, Slow.
Targets: Ground: Enemy units.
Range: 600.

The Wailing Doom is the Avatar's huge weapon, taking the form of a long spear, massive sword, or many bladed axe. It grants the Avatar imense damage, and can emit a beam of molten energy, damaging the target, slowing it by 50%, and reducing its armor by 5.

Level 1 - Deals 80 damage. Lasts 1.75 Seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 160 damage. Lasts 2.5 Seconds.
Level 3 - Deals 240 damage. Lasts 3.25 Seconds.
Level 4 - Deals 320 damage. Lasts 4 Seconds.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.
Manacost: 100/120/140/160 mana.
Emblem of War:
Ability Type: Active: Ally regen
Targets: Instant: Allied Units.
Range: 900 AoE.

The Avatar is a beacon of the warlike spirit of the eldar, units near the avatar keep fighting strong, while the avatar absorbs their injuries and wounds, emboldening his warriors, causing them to fight fearlessly. While active, other units under its effect move faster and regenerate a % of their max hp.

Level 1 - 1% heal, 5% movespeed. Lasts 12 seconds.
Level 2 - 2% heal, 8% movespeed. Lasts 14 seconds.
Level 3 - 3% heal, 11% movespeed. Lasts 16 seconds.
Level 4 - 4% heal, 14% movespeed. Lasts 18 seconds.

Cooldown: 30/28/26/24 seconds.
Manacost: 140 mana.
Khaine’s Burning Blood (unchanged):
Ability Type: Passive: Immolation, Armor, and Regen
Targets: Ground: Enemy Units.
Range: 220 AoE.

The Avatars molten blood grants him bonus Hp regen and armor, and also hurts any enemy units that come to close.

Level 1 - 2 armor, 1 regen, 15 damage.
Level 2 - 3 armor, 2 regen, 25 damage.
Level 3 - 4 armor, 3 regen, 35 damage.
Level 4 - 5 armor, 4 regen, 45 damage.
Wrath of Khaine:
Ability Type: Passive: Buffs From Unit Deaths
Targets: Units.
Range: 750 AoE.

The Avatar feels the perishing souls of the nearby dying, and becomes enraged with revenge, channeling a portion of his rage into the dying body, causing it to emit searing flames. Nearby dying units give attackspeed to the Avatar and deal a % of their max hp as damage to surrounding units. Max of 100% attack speed. The Avatar will lose 5% attack speed periodically.

Level 1 - 5% of max life in damage, 1 ias%
Level 2 - 7.5% of max life in damage, 2 ias%
Level 3 - 10% of max life in damage, 3 ias%
-*Possibly* fixed a fatal error bug involving switch
-Possibly fixed a fatal error involving assists and switch
-Fixed a bug where some skills would run twice if there were multiples of the same hero on the map
-Fixed a bug where a hero would be able to be picked twice
-Fixed a bug where outposts killed by the orks wouldn’t respawn with the correct hp
-Fixed some tooltip errors
-Fixed some bugs with the -swap command on the orks' side

-Increased the stun chance of the Dark Reaper Exarch hireable (40 => 70%)
-Hireables' armor now properly increased with purchaseable armor upgrades
-Incrased the bonus for hireables on the purchasable damage upgrade

-Changed the way assister names are displayed
-Reworked the switch system, it should work smother now
-Added some player-only floating text to some stat based damage skills
-Heroes that leave the playable map are now reselected when they re-enter (resurection skills etc.)

-Removed the Energy rune
-Reduced the bonus damage on the Power rune (100 => 90%)
-Renamed the Company Standard (=> Chapter Banner)
-Added some new icons for some items/skills

-Increased the Swooping Hawk Wings channel time (3 => 4)
-Increased the honor requirement on Combat Drugs (1 => 2)
-Chapter Banner now requires 1 honor (0 => 1)
-Waaagh! Banner now requires 1 honor
-‘Uge choppa now properly requires 5 honor
-Phoenix Lord Armor now requires 3 honor

-Added a new item: Designs of Tzeentch (recipe)
-Added a new item: Honor Blade (recipe)
-Added a new item: Cyclic Ion Blaster (recipe)
-Added a new item: Staff of Tzeentch (recipe)
-Added a new item: Bolter (basic)
-Added a new item: Pulse Rifle (recipe)
-Added a new item: Diresword (recipe)

-Terminator Honors no longer quick buys for 10 gold
-Ravens talons no longer requires mana to activate
-Bio-Regeneration now properly dispels on attack
-All active items now properly display manacost and cooldowns
-Quick buying an item after switching now works properly

-Increased the bonus interval on the Carnifex’s Regeneration (3 => 5 seconds)
-Bonded Exoskeleton now works
-Fixed the levelling progression of Adrenal Sac
-Adrenal Sac now properly requires mana

-Increased the Sanctioned Psyker’s cast point (.4 => .5)
-Decreased the Sanctioned Psyker’s cast backswing (2.4 => 0.67)(these are the proper priest model values)
-Strip soul now deals bonus damage based on the Psyker’s intelligence

-The Bloodthirster’s Fury of Khorne ability now causes him to gain/lose mana independently of outside sources
-Fixed some bugs where gaining/losing intelligence would reset the Bloodthirser’s mana

-Reduced the manaburn on the Grey Knight’s Nemesis Force Weapon (65 => 50%)
-Gave the Nemesis Force Weapon buff a 1 second duration (has no game play effects, but fixed some bugs)
-The agies now cost the correct ammount of mana per spell block
-Fixed the Grey Knight's tooltip description

-Changed the teleportatoin mechanics on the Necron Lord's Veil of Darkness (no longer pauses units, and units are teleported towards the target point, instead of the distance between the two points)
-Fixed a bug where the Necron Lord would trigger the 'units under attack' message after using veil of darkness
-Fixed a bug where the Necron Lord would not be able to use an invisibility rune, and causes him to be revealed on the minimap
-Decreased the damage on Lightning Field (2/4/6/8% => 2/3/4/5%)
-Increased the manacost on Lightning Field (10/15/20/25 => 10/20/30/40)
-Inceased the manacost on Veil of Darkness (100/110/120/130 => 100/140/180/220)
-Increased the cooldown on Veil of Darkness (30/25/20/15 => 30/28/26/24)

-Asurmen’s Blade Storm now only gains the attackspeed if he is at range
-Sword of Asur is now a point target instead of a unit target
-Reduced the jump range of Sword of Asur (=> 300/400/500: the cast range is longer than that, it now functions much like blink)
-Removed Asurmen’s cast backswing (.5 => 0)

-Fixed the bonus progression on the Avatar's God of Murder, it now works like the tooltip says it does
-Khaine's Burning Blood now works again

-The Farseer no longer auto attacks while Mind War is in effect
-Mind War now properly gives assists
-Removed the channelling description in the Mind War tooltip
-Reduced the cast range on Mind War (700 => 600)
-Eldritch Storm now gives vision over the target area
-Eldritch Storm no longer targets shops

-The Keeper of Secrets’ Warptime no longer increases his size
-Increased the jump speed on the Tau Pathfinder’s Jump Jets (800 => 1200)
-Fixed Karandras’ Shadow Strike, it now deals the correct amount of damage
-Slightly Changed how Fuegan’s Fire Axe Works
-Incraesed the missle speed on Celestine's Ardent Blade (500 => 700)

-Added a new hero: Necron Flayed One
-Added an innate to the Mad Dok:

Ability Type: Active: Random Buff or Debuff
Targets: Unit: Allied or Enemy Units.
Range: 400 Range.
Duration: 5 Seconds.

Mad doks are always experimenting on the ones they are "Curing" Often trying dangerous new experimentations like the dreaded Squig Brain Transplant.
Will randomly do one of the following effects on allies: Adds 14 to a random stat untill death, gives 60% attackspeed, gives 60% damage, or gives 60 life per second.
Randomly afflicts a target enemy with one of the following effects: Lowers a random stat by 14 untill death, reduces attackspeed by 60%, reduces damage by 60%, or deals 60 damage per second.

[Innate: This skill is given at level one, and will level up once per 2 points put into the 'Atribute Bonus' skill]

Cooldown: 11 seconds.
-Added a new game mode: Only Middle (-om). can be typed at any time, but requires a vote after 15 seconds
-The -sd (show damage) command can now display damage that is taken as well as damage inflicted
-the -sd command no longer displays damage over hidden enemies
-Added in a message that displays when first blood is scored (in addition to the sound that is played)
-The team that scores first blood now gains a global 50% ias and 20% ms boost for 5 seconds.
-Destroyed base buildings (not towers or the main base) gives creeps additional damage ( .5 for small buildings, and 1 for large buildings)
-The towers protecting the main buildings can now be rebuilt.

-Hero kills now give 250 + 7.5 * the killed heroes level (from 250 + 15*lvl)
-Heroes that are 4 levels lower that you no longer give honor
-Dark Reapers now have 'normal armor'
-Tank Busta's honor upgrades now increase damage, not attack speed
-Ork Shoota Boys now benefit from the purchasable armor upgrades
-Reduced the cooldown on all hireables (120 => 45)

-Fixed the name display of assisters
-Fixed some issues with the displaying of damage dealt
-Removed some attack sounds which were taking up 1mb of map space
-The quick buy commands now work for player 12
-Items no longer go to your hero if your courier is too far from the shops

-Roughly halved the bonuses given by *all* items (passives, such as the mark of nurgles armor passive; actives, such as the staff of tzeench's heal/damage; attackspeed; and mana regen are unchanged)
-Renamed the runes: they are no longer 'runes' as such, but are now called gifts of the gods (for example: gift of khorn gives 90% damage) - this changelog will use runes for ease of understanding

-The Vitality rune now heals 1400 hp over 10 seconds (90 => 10)
-The Vitality rune now dispells on attack

-Changed the Cyclic Ion Blaster: it no longer requires the Hydraulic Suit and lots the Suit's bonuses, the pinning skill was replaced with an overcharge skill which grants a critical strike
-Changed the Warp Jump Generator: it no longer costs 10% of max hp, and activates on a click or move command, and has a 6 second cooldown
-Reduced the damage bonus on Chapter Banner (10% => 7%)
-Reduced the bonuses on Waaagh Banner(15% => 9% ias, 3% => 2% ims)
-Increased Bionics' strength bonus (6 => 8 )
-Ravens Talons now require Biological Stimulus isntead of Implant Attack
-Increased the agility and damage bonus on Ravens talons (15 => 20)
-Reduced the attackspeed bonus on Raven Talons (40 => 30%)
-Increased the recipe cost of the Hydraulic Suit (350 => 1150)
-Staff of Tzeentch now requires Designs of Tzeentch instead of a Spirit Stone
-Staff of Tzeentch now requires 4 honor (3 => 4)

-The Hydraulic Suit recipe no longer gives bonuses
-Heroes can no longer carry 2 two-handed weapons

-Added a new item: Long Ranged Scanner
-Added a new item: Sensor Sweep
-Added a new item: Metabolic Enhancements
-Added a new item: Reductor Field
-Added a new item: Dispersion Field
-Added a new item: Holo Suit
-Added a new item: Power Fist
-Added a new item: Thunder Hammer

Flayed One:
-Increased the range on Terrifying Visasge (150 => 200)
-Flayed Claws no longer knocks back buildings

-Reduced strength gain (3.4 => 3.1)
-Reduced starting strength (26 => 24)
-reduced the timer on Bonded Exoskeleton (=> 6/5.75/5.5/5.25/5/4.75 minutes)
-Reduced the bonus strength on Adrenal Glands (10/16/22/28 => 10/14/18/22)
-Lowered the cooldown on Acid Blood (.75 => .65)
-Acid blood now deals daamge based on max life instead of current life

-Added a base slow to Honor of the Chapter (0 => 0/5/10/15%)
-Honor of the Chapter now takes a constant 1% of max life (damage type to pure)

Sanctioned Psyker:
-Increased the manaburn/damge ratio on Lash of Torment (1 damage per mana burnt => 2)
-Lowered the cooldown on Lightning Arc (8/7/6/5 => 5/4/3/2)
-Lowered the damage on Lightning Arc (125/155/185/215 => 120/130/135/140)
-Lowered the damage reduction per bounce on Lightning Arc (10% => 5%)

Grey Knight:
-Lowered movement speed (305 => 300)

-Reduced the slow duration on Goreflight (6 => 4 seconds)
-Reduced the mana gained from Goreflight (5/7/9/11 => 4/6/8/10)
-Reduced the managain from Butcher's Carosel (9/11/13/15 => 6/8/10/12)
-Increased the stun duration on Butcher's Carosel (.5 => 1.25)
-Reduced the attackspeed boost from Fury of Khorne (.75/1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4 => .5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3)
-Lowered the magic resistance from Collar of Khorne (10/20/30/40 => 7/13/19/25%)
-Removed the reference to feedback protection from Collar of Khorne due to the new mechanics
-Increased the stun duration on Butcher's Carosel (.5 => 1.25)

Saint Celestine:
-Ardent blade now targets the ground at units affected, instead of homing in on the unit, and deals damage in a small aoe
-Faith Point orbs now become invisible if Celestine is

Necron Lord:
-Reduced the manaconst on Gaze of Flame (80 => 40)
-Gaze of Flame now silences for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds
-Increased Gaze of Flame stun duration (.1/.2/.3/.4 => .15/.3/.45/.6)
-Rescaled Gaze of Flame cooldown (10/8/6/4 => 9/8/7/6)
-Increased the aoe on Solar Pulse (=> 1000/1200/1400)
-Renamed the lord to Herald of Abhorence

-Reduced the damage reduciton on Armor of Shrieking Souls (10/20/30/40 => 10/17/24/31%)
-Reduced Martial Prides movespeed (5/9/13/17 => 5/8/11/14%) and attackspeed (15/30/45/60 => 20/25/30/35%)
-Reduced the damage penalty on Lash of Torment (10/20/30/40 => 12/20/28/36%)
-Increased the cooldown on Dance of Slaanesh (120 => 135)

-Fixed a bug where Biting Blade would add some perminent agility

-Remade Feel No Pain (see below)
-Lowered total damage on Fire Axe (20/50/75/100 => 25/45/65/85)
-Increased the cooldown on Crack Shot (75 => 110/95/80)
-Lowered agility gain (2.2 => 2)
-Increased strength gain (2 => 2.1)
-Increased intelligence gain (1.6 => 1.9)

-Remade Kharn (see below)

Lord of Change:
-Increased the cooldown on Firestorm (10 => 15)
-Changed the model (Eredar => Wildkin; it fits the actual lord of change look better)
-Lowered Bolt of Change duration (.75/1.5/2.25/3 => .5/1/1.5/2)
-Bolt of Change now permanatly morphs non-hero units

-Reduced the critical strike chance on Sword of Asur (20 => 15%)
-Reduced the evade chance on Battle Fate (5/10/15/20/25/30 => 5/9/13/17/21/25%)
-Lowered the slow on Defend (20/35/50/65 => 20/30/40/50%)
-Battle Fate can now toggle between melee and ranged attacking

-Lowered the bonus damage from Surgical Strike and Marked Target (15/20/25/30 => 20%)
-Rescaled the slow on Surgical Strike (10/20/30/40 => 30%)
-Reduced the aoe on Battlefield Intuition (1000/2000/3000/4000 => 1250/1750/2250/2750)
-Lowered the overall damage on Strafing Run (450/600/750 => 300/475/650)
-Increased the aoe on each blast in Strafing Run (150 full, 175 medium, 200 small => 175 full, 225 medium, 275 small)
-Made each blast in Strafing Run home in on the target

Mad Dok:
-Dok's Toolz no longer only heals the target

-God of Murder no longer works on level 6 creeps

-Psychic Hood no longer works while the Librarian is dead
-Reduced the aoe on Fury of the Ancients (200 => 140)

-Reduced the exp bounty on the Honorguardsmen and the Company Champion
-Company Champion can no longer be killed by Kaboom!
-Honorguardsmen can now be killed by Kaboom!

-Reduced Eldritch Storm's stun duration on heroes (.25 => .05)
-Increased the cooldown on Eldritch Storm (160/150/140 => 165)
-Reduced the cast range on Eldritch Storm (650 => 500)

-Added a new hero: Ahriman - Exile of the Thousand Suns
-Added a new hero: Vindicare Temple Assassin
-Added a new hero: Boss Snikrot - Kovert Kommando
-Added a new hero: Sigismund - Emperor's Champion

Feel no Pain:
Ability Type: Passive: Damage Reduction

Fuegan is able to walk through a raging inferno, he can withstand much more punishment than most others. Reduces all damage under 125 by a % equal to .5x Fuegan's strength. any damage above is reduced less, up to 0% reduction at 300 damage.

Kharn the Betrayer:
Mark of Khorne => Blood for the Blood God!
Ability Type: Acitve: Large Boost
Targets: Instant; Self.
Duration: 10 seconds.

Khârn carries the mark of his patron god Khorne, and channeling his rage and fury mark, he can go into a blood frenzy, a murderous rampage of death. Every kill he makes drives him to murder further for Khorne. When used, Khârn gains 8% ias, 4% ms, 2 armor and 6 regen per enemy killed since its last activation. Max of 75% ias, 20% ms, 15 armor, and 30 regen

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Furious Charge and Gorchild remain unchanged

Blessing of the Blood God no longer deactivates on spell cast

Blood for the Blood God! => Betrayer's Rage:
Ability Type: Active: Uncontrolable Boosts
Targets: Instant: Self.

Kharn is known as "The Betrayer" due to his sudden moments of incontrolable fury, destroying all in his path - friend or foe. When used Kharn enters a berzerk state, gaining a max stack of Blood for the Blood God, and a 70% chance to maim his targets, slowing and dealing damage per second for 3 seconds, but becomming unallied, and treating every order as an attack order.
15% of all maims tear open gashes in his foes bodies, causing them to take 50% of their distance moved in damage.

Level 1 - 15% slow, 30 dps. Lasts 8 seconds.
Level 2 - 20% slow, 40 dps. Lasts 9 seconds.
Level 3 - 25% slow, 50 dps. Lasts 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 60/50/40 seconds.
Manacost: 100 mana.

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And the Stuff was good.

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Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b) Empty Re: Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b)

Post by Grass Hopper on Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:45 pm

and this post will be for all the maps, starting from beta0.18... (eww i had to use mega upload, cause this free forum wont let me attach files... so eventually they will get deleted, if anyone notices it, pm or email me, and ill fix it)

EDIT: Huzzah! im on epicwar! Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b) Tongue
EDIT2: and im gona start including the forums in both the mega upload description and the map description so it picks up on epicwar

EDIT3: All maps older than v0.40 will not work on wc3 v1.24 or later

megaupload.com XJP8NNWL

megaupload.com PFS1QGJ2
megaupload.com S7364VJO
megaupload.com ZH127PR2
megaupload.com RG9RGWLO

megaupload.com EP4YLMQ0

megaupload.com 4IDJT9T3

megaupload.com QOAVFN6U

megaupload.com IWUAUUOQ

megaupload.com 6VVXMSHC

megaupload.com RC7YX5YB

megaupload.com XBOBWJAA

megaupload.com 53A7FX8N
megaupload.com ZUOJ0218 -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/94828/

megaupload.com 6HCHGS9Z -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/95090/

megaupload.com UH9U0NUM -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/95372/

megaupload.com GO4OE75T -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/95473/

megaupload.com Q51BOMVV -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/95873/

megaupload.com YGDF7X58 -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/96086/
megaupload.com EWEYZA0R -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/96104/
megaupload.com 0CSD8I9I -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/96124/

megaupload.com XUSKGDLF -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/96665/
megaupload.com S9INEBWG -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/96843/

megaupload.com 8GH92UPU -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/97022/

megaupload.com YF20RVFR -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/100127/
megaupload.com H5JL952L -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/100268/
megaupload.com 0CSD8I9I -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/100353/

megaupload.com 81EE41FV -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/100507/

megaupload.com ES0WUOEJ -- (epicwar's map uploading was down for this version)
megaupload.com G2OI6ZP2 -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/101047/

megaupload.com UKOZNOHB -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/101689/

megaupload.com 4P864U5K -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/102824/
megaupload.com CPJEILXA -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/103061/


megaupload.com LY105Z4U -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/104743/
megaupload.com LD5TMWRH -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/104792/

megaupload.com URQD2K13 -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/104792/
megaupload.com TV6PRCZY -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/106680/

megaupload.com T3UUKRTW -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/107536/
megaupload.com WO095LRT -- http:/www./epicwar.com/maps/107543/
megaupload.com YEJ5TX8D -- http://www.epicwar.com/maps/107712/

megaupload.com FYQNODKD -- http://epicwar.com/maps/110330/

megaupload.com 92ZAKT9M -- http://epicwar.com/maps/112419/

megaupload.com Q8Y8FOG1 -- http://epicwar.com/maps/120052/

warning! very-stubborn, sarcastic, self-important, argumentative developer detected!

And unto the masses, He doth spoke:
"Behold The Stuff! It Is Good!"
And the Stuff was good.

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Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b) Empty Re: Changelogs and map downloads (0.45b)

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