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Avitus - Devastator

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Avitus - Devastator Empty Avitus - Devastator

Post by Grass Hopper on Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:46 pm

ok, here goes... just a rough outline, lots of stuff is going to be missing.

innate: Heavy Weaponry
"The Devastators are the heavy weapons specialists of the Space Marines. They sport the more powerful man-portable weapons and are able to blast away the enemies of the Imperium with ease."
[note: Click to chose your weapon]
note: when picked, there will be a message telling you to pick your weapon. When you click on the innate, it gives a list of 4 weapons to chose from.
Heavy Bolter:

"What heavy bolters lack in range and power, they make up for in shear rate of fire"
adds +x% ias, and +x ms. 400 range.

missle launcher:
"The missle launcher is the most common anti-tank weapon of the imperium. It is also able to switch to fireing frag missles that can surpress enemy units"
adds +xdamage, +x% chance to stun. 700 range.

plasma cannon:
"Imensly powerful and dangerous, the plasma cannon can eradicate clusters of enemies in a searing explosion"
adds +x aoe damage, has a chance of dealing damage to self(gets hot). 550 range.

las cannon:
"High powered laser weaponty, the lascannon is the most powerful anti-tank weapon of the imperium"
adds +x bonuses. 700 range.

one: name
this skill is a melee ranged knockback of sorts. either aoe target or unit target.
depending on the weapon, different effects will happen... but for all weapons, the target(s) are knocked back from the devastator.

two: surpressive fire
"something about devastators able to pin down enemy squads"
some sort of slow or stun or debuff...

three: name

ult: name
this skill would change depending on what weapon is chosen...
for example, the heavy bolter could remove the 'inhibitor' or w/e, causing it to fire at extreme speeds, the plasma cannon could be an overload shot... the missle launcher could be a frag/krak toggle, allowing him to do full aoe damage or something.... no ideas on the lascannon

now, this is just a foundation, something for people to build on
i dont care if this changes... cause really this is just an idea to get some discussion started

warning! very-stubborn, sarcastic, self-important, argumentative developer detected!

And unto the masses, He doth spoke:
"Behold The Stuff! It Is Good!"
And the Stuff was good.

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Grass Hopper
Grass Hopper

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Avitus - Devastator Empty Re: Avitus - Devastator

Post by Son007 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:58 am

This is where Ill put ideas and eventually a hero idea, based on suggestions and comments.

Innate: Heavy Weaponry
The Devastator carries 4 different guys for whatever is needed. Krak Missile, Frag Missile, Plasma Cannon, Heavy Bolter are the 4 weapons the Devastator can switch between. When activated pulls up a sub menu where you can select what weapon you need for the situation.

Open Fire: The Devastator uses his currently selected weapon (from innate) and fires (based on the speed of the weapon, which would be in the description when the sub-menu comes up) in front of him.

Supporting Fire: The Devastator fires 4 clips full of ammo into a group of enemies causing them to have to take cover from your rounds. Different weapons gives different effects. Each shot has a 100 AoE splash for the effects.
Heavy Bolter: (going to assume its like a pistol or rifle) Causes the enemies to bleed causing 35/45/55/65 dps/3/4/5/6 if a round hits a target.
Plasma Cannon: Each shot splash an extra 50 range for 50% efficiency. Deals 50/70/90/110 damage.
Krak Missile: Causes high direct damage. Deals 100/200/300/400 damage and lowers armor by 5 for 6 seconds.
Frag Missile: Each shot deals full effect in the AoE. Deals 30/40/50/60 and slows by 15/25/35/45% for 5 seconds.
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