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Capture Points system

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Capture Points system Empty Capture Points system

Post by Grass Hopper Fri Dec 12, 2014 2:36 pm

The Map
The map is rather large, compared to the scale of the units. There is also very little in the way of open ground. There are two large long streets running perpendicular across the entire city, but the rest are smaller. Pockets of units fight across the entire city.

Spread across the map are several Capturable locations. These locations are divided into the following classifcations:

These are built-up and fortified areas of strategic importance to the control of the city. There are two near the center on left and right sides of the main road, and two on the outskirts of the city. Both outposts and Sectors recover the health and energy of nearby allied units, provided no enemies are within capturing range.

These are merely strategic locations that offer some benefit to a faction's effort to control the city. While important, these locations are not as important as outposts.

Scattered across the map are buildings that offer some benefit to the team that holds them. They offer no overall strategic value, but boost the troops in the area.
The buildings are as follows:
Hive Spire: This building functions as living quarters for the majority of the city's inhabitants. Fighting solders can be drawn from the occupants at a moments notice.
The team that controls the Hive Spire gains an additional 5 melee and 1 ranged creep that spawns at the building every 30 seconds.

Manufactorum: This is a machine shop and manufacturing facility that usually produces the city's mechanical goods, but has been repurposed to build machines of war
The team that controls the Manufactorum gains an additional 1 siege creep that spawns at the building every 210 seconds.

Comms relay: A system of braodcasting and receiving technology that is capable of bypassing the usual interference employed in prolonged engagements such as this.
The team that controls the Comms Relay gain twice as much requisition and merit.

Observatory: An installation used for observing astrological events and monitoring the planets systems has been turned towards the city to track enemy troops.
The team that controls the observatory have a large unobstructed vision range from the building

Logistics center: A forward command base constructed in the city a long time ago in some distant battle. It has systems and scanners for jamming enemy communications and beacons.
The team that controls the Logistics Center prevents their enemies from placing homing beacons in a large area surrounding the building.

Capturing Locations
Each location can be captured by a team, or taken from the enemy.
Each location has 100 "health", and start neutral. To capture a location, units from one team must be near the location, and no enemy units can be near. The location will receieve "damage" for each nearby unit. When a location reaches 0 "heath", it will change ownership to the team that had the units there.
If a location is already owned by a player, the enemy team can capture it in the same way, except when a owned location reaches 0 "health", it reverts to neutral, and must be captured as above.
Each location captures at a different rate:
Outposts take 1 "damage" per nearby unit
Sectors take 1.5 "damage" per nearby unit
Buildings take 10 "damage" per nearby unit

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