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Hosting Bots, what are they used for?

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Hosting Bots, what are they used for?

Post by Son007 on Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:17 pm

So today I got on WC3 and saw a bunch of people complaining about how someone hosted the wrong map (that'd be the map of Clan W40k, GiF). So I joined the map hoping to get some people in so we could play before someone came in a told the maker how to end the bot. Got about 2 people from a full house and the maker ends the game to make another AoS (TouHou).
I had asked if there was a TouHou clan, got a yes and left it at that.
I think that the clan bots for hosting shouldn't be there for other maps. Kinda like if I went into another clan and told them to host my map for me. Yes we have two hosting bots but it's a matter of principle.
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Re: Hosting Bots, what are they used for?

Post by 13loodRaven on Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:21 pm

Wait.. Our hosting bots work now? O.o I might get back onto east xD

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Re: Hosting Bots, what are they used for?

Post by Glycine on Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:37 am

The way I feel about it, such people are our guests. They have the right to request, but not demand. Yes, the bot can host other maps. It's not our sole responsibility to play this AoS over and over and over and over until we die. What if we want to test a map?

Yes, it is advised to play the map as much as possible, but if people come in and ask for another map, it is your prerogative as shaman, Son, to decide the validity of their request and if you wish to grant it. *Aren't you a bot admin, Son? oo*

That said, people need to use the bots properly. >> If there are enough people willing, then an attempt to play the clan's map should usually be made in favor of any other map. Again, up to bot admins.

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Re: Hosting Bots, what are they used for?

Post by ZebioLizard on Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:43 pm

Heyo son, complaining about the earlier event? (I was using the bot) There was three others that could have been used for the map, not sure why they aren't, but the one I had access to me and my friends (along with a few of the clan) enjoy playing. Touhou. There was five people asking for that map, and none asking for the clan map, so yeah.

Funnily enough, the person who told me how to end the map was Cellrawr, the OWNER of said bot. Razz
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Re: Hosting Bots, what are they used for?

Post by Sponsored content

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